Sunday, 16 February 2020

Road trips with a dog: Scotland, Loch Lomand, Glasgow, Lake District, Peak District and Hadrian's Wall

Taking a road trip alone can seem scary and well solo travel is sometimes, especially when you are a women - but with my favourite Sid kick in toe, we had the best week away at the beginning of winter.

Travelling with Ollie was a little trickier, as we needed to find dog friendly places.  But it turns out the further north you go the more welcome dogs are.

We have danced in the rain, slipped in the mud and fallen over in rivers and I have honestly enjoyed every minute of it.

Our trip to Scotland took a few detours on the way, some on purpose and some we accidentally stumbled upon.

Our route to Scotland:

  1. Chatsworth House 
  2. Bakewell 
  3. Monsal Trail and Viaduct 
  4. Peak District (where we stayed in an Airbnb for the night) 
  5. Glasgow 
  6. Great Cumbrae 
  7. Loch Lomand 
  8. Balloch 
  9. Glasgow 
  10. Hadrian's Wall 
  11. Lake District 
  12. Cannock 
Here is our photo diary of the week away.