Thursday, 5 April 2018

A weekend in Devon

This weekend, I planned and booked a bank holiday weekend away to Devon with my housemate from New Zealand, who has never been before.  So naturally being in the UK on a bank holiday it rained.

But we didn’t let that stop us. As you can see.

Now it was little more than a flying visit, as I only had two days left of my bank holiday after a day at the beach on Friday and a day in Cambridge Saturday (where incidentally Stephen Hawkins funeral was also happening).  But we still managed to squeeze a fair bit in.

We were staying in a place called Compton in a beautiful home hosted by Jo and Jason, where Ollie was more than welcome with us and we enjoyed a beautiful dinner with them on the first night after arriving back from the beach a couple of drowned rats.

Paignton beach where we had been that day would be a glorious place to be on a nice sunny day, however, Sunday was not that day and we got absolutely soaked.

On the Monday things were looking up and the rain wasn’t due to arrive until lunchtime.  So we jumped out of bed that morning and mad our way out to catch the steam train to Dartmouth with the dog.

Ollie wasn’t too sure about it all at first, but he soon settled down and we were soon on the ferry on the final part of the crossing.

While we were there we stopped for a late breakfast and early lunch before finding some dairy free fudge and getting back on the ferry before the rain arrived.

Luckily we managed to avoid the rain all day though and arrived in Brixham to some beautiful weather, where our wonderful Airbnb hosts have a stunning little shop along the front.  Flotsam 50 is Jo and Jason’s wonderful shop, where we stopped for some tea and cake and obviously to shop!

Ollie has a rather mouldy and fake sheepskin at home which marks where he is and isn’t allowed to lay outside of his dog bed, so as a treat I bought him a lovely new and real sheepskin from Flotsam 50 along with some wonderful smelling soaps.  My favourite is most definitely the one that smells like a bakewell tart!

After spending a little money in the shop, we made our way to the Breakwater and the lighthouse at the end and Ollie loved looking over the edge and jumping in the water with the other dogs.

It was then getting late and time to make the 4 hour journey home before I was falling asleep at the wheel, but minus a few pit stops for Ollie to stretch his legs, he did so well all weekend with everyone and everything that was going on around him and we had a great weekend introducing him to lots of new things!

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

I rescued a puppy

It's taken me a while to write this post, as rehoming Ollie back in December has meant my time has been taken up by amazing dog walks, cuddles on the sofa, chronic diahorrea and some occasional destruction of my home!

I am going to throw it out there and say the thing you aren't supposed to say, because as much as I love Ollie, a few days in I was thinking to myself "what have I done" and I had the same conversation with another guy in the pet shop today, about his 18 month old pup too.  Owning a dog is hard work, it isn't all cute photos of puppies that you see online, so if you really want to get a puppy, make sure you are ready for all the rough that comes with the good!

I rehomed Ollie around Christmas from a couple who really had bitten off more than they could chew and from there on out, we had countless trips to the vets with a sensitive tummy, which cost a fortune and left Ollie with still a poorly tummy! Eventually, after switching to an independent vet surgery and getting a raw food diet recommendation, all was resolved and we haven't had any issues or cause to go back to the vet since.  Which, yes is great news for my poor bank balance, but also for poor Ollie, who was so poorly and dropping weight so quickly I didn't know what else to do. 

He now weighs a very healthy 15kgs and is growing into the perfect little dog/teenager that has selective hearing, unless there is a food treat involved! 

With the hardest part behind us now (hopefully) we have been making the most of getting outdoors and I love seeing him enjoy something new all the time.  

So here are some of my favourite photos of our adventures together over the last few months. 

So if you are thinking about getting a dog, please think carefully about it and make sure you have some savings to fall back on when things don't go as planned! 

Other things to remember are: 
  • Pet Insurance
  • Puppies grow quickly 
  • Training
  • Socialising with other puppies and dogs is important
  • Your support system (everyone is ready to tell you "you can't do it", but you will need one friend that will remind you, you can!)
  • There will be accidents and you will want to cry, but it will get better and easier!