Monday, 18 December 2017


When I first started writing this blog, I was at University and as my interests have developed so has this blog, but originally it was set up to talk about ad campaigns that I loved and today I thought it would be nice to write a bit of a retrospective about a campaign that I have had the pleasure of working on at my new agency.

One of my new and very exciting clients is Vitality and recently they have given women the amazing opportunity to get back into sport!

This is a topic that I am particularly passionate about, as when I was at school while I loved sport I hated PE, it was never a positive experience and that was mainly due to the delightful PE knickers that we had to wear, but also because for some reason girls don't have the same energy for sports as boys do at that age.

Playing sports at school didn't have the camaraderie that boys sports teams seemed to have at the same age, but I still loved it enough to take it as an option when it came to my GCSE's.

When I left school I didn't give sports a second thought and my main form of cardio was dancing the night away every Friday night, as every other teenager passed the age of 18 all seemed to be doing too.

But after a years worth of traveling, I made the choice to go to University and during the freshers fair, two very excited girls came up to me and encouraged me to join the netball team.

**Now I will caveat here, that what I lack in skill I make up for in enthusiasm and I loved every second of my 4 years at University being a part of my netball family.  In fact one of our proudest achievements was going undefeated all year (even Loughborough University couldn't beat us), we eventually went on to win Varsity and then committee of the year in my final year and I couldn't have been more proud of our achievements as a team.

What I love most about this group of girls though, is the way we all lift each other up and make each other better! At uni we spent late nights awake helping each other with dissertations and spent free time organising additional tournaments, team holidays and social activities.

Since leaving university, this family of ladies hasn't left me, we have been together through internships, new jobs, heart breaks, weddings and now as we get older 30th Birthdays!

So you can see why this campaign has been a huge love of mine.

As part of #TeamVitality I had the opportunity to take some time out to visit Scotland a few weeks ago, with some other lovely ladies, where we climbed Arthur's seat and met the Women's Scottish Rugby team all thanks to Vitality.

We had a fabulous time as you can see from the photos, and a great day weatherise to climb all the way to the top (even if it did take nearly two hours)!

Now as you can imagine, meeting the Rugby team was amazing, but this Friday I was also able to go and watch England netball play in the Copperbox at Stratford in London and I was in my element.

You can find more pictures over on my Instagram account if you are looking for some more inspiration! 

If you want to find out more about the Women In Sport Campaign, or getting back into sport, you can do so over onVitality's website here

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