Friday, 4 March 2016

The Blue Lagoon Iceland

As the saying goes, when in Iceland...  

The Blue Lagoon was definitely one of the highlights of the trip for me and I was so glad we saved it as the last thing we did.  It was a lovely relaxing way to spend the break before setting off on our flight back to the UK for my birthday.

I upgraded my package when we arrived, purely because I wanted a robe and not a towel when I had to do the -7 degree dash from the hanging rail at the side of the Lagoon to the Lagoon itself.  I have to say it was totally worth it too. 

While we are on the subject of temperatures too, I would recommend taking it easy when you exit the Lagoon, as the distinct change in temperatures caused a lady in the shower cubical next to me to faint - something no one wants to experience while they are on holiday. 

We visited the Lagoon not long after midday at the end of November and as you can see from the first few pictures, the sun was starting to make its decent from the sky.  However, this didn't stop us making the most of the lagoon and staying around for an hour or two to soak up the warm waters and mud masks, as you can see from the two pictures above. 

If you are making the trip to Iceland, I would have this on your checklist or at least visit one of the other smaller natural springs around the island - they are the perfect way to relax after your adventures.

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