Thursday, 3 December 2015

Party season is here

With Party season already well in the swing of things, I thought it was about time I shared some of my favourite places in London and Essex to celebrate the season with friends and share a few of my top tips along the way.

Number one on my list has to be Steam and Rye in the heart of London's City.  An american themed bar, with live bands playing, Burlesque dancers, fire breathers and retro cocktails you couldn't find a better party destination.  I have spent a few different nights out here and have never been disappointed.  The music is always fabulous and the cocktails range from American inspired milkshakes with Twister ice lollies and cream on top, to fishbowl style cocktails to share in the shape of a sharks head.

You can wear pretty casual clothes in here if you want to, but as it's party season and in the middle of the city (where most people will be wearing suits after work), I always dress up a little.  Ankle boots are always a good go-to if you're going to be walking a little way to a venue too, especially if it's going to be raining.  This is one of those venues that you always tend to find yourself in after a meal with friends, so my #GeorgePartyTip here would be to always carry your signature lipstick in your bag with you during party season and some super glam earrings!  That way you can add some Christmas sparkle to a more dressed down look.

If you are more of a dinner and drinks girl, then The Brick Yard may be more your thing.  It's a great restaurant and the food is amazing.  They play some great throwback music while you're eating too, so the atmosphere is great and everyone ends up having a bit of a dance and singalong in their seats!  The outfit above is perfect for here too, but if you want to you can change up the skirt for a pair of jeans if you want to.  This is a fabulous venue when it is snowing or raining too, as Taxi's are able to drop you straight to the door and because of it's party vibe, you still feel like you're 'out out'.  My #GeorgePartyTip for adverse weather is to find a more chilled venue, that you can be dropped straight at the door of.  That way - you don't need to worry about wet feet, bulky coats, boots and umbrellas.

There are a number of different pubs, bars and restaurants in Covent Garden but I do have an ultimate favourite and mostly because tourists haven't quiet worked out where it is yet.  The Porter House is a traditional Irish bar and pretty much anything goes there (dress code wise).

I have spent time there on many different occasions and it's perfect no matter who you are with, if you are looking for a casual drink.  Casual winter clothing is perfect to sit and chill out here, but if you are planning to stay until the early hours listening to the band, then my #GeorgePartyTip would be to make sure you have something cooler on as it can get pretty sweaty once you've got up and started dancing.

Back to Essex and another one of my favourite haunts that I have been visiting since I was a little girl.  Old Leigh is one of the most picturesque seaside towns in Essex, with beautiful cobbled streets, sandy beaches, cockle sheds, seagulls, tea gardens and pubs galore.  My go-to place here is The Boat Yard.  You can hang out on the deck outside where they have heaters set up and much on roast chicken baguettes or book a table inside and enjoy a meal.  If you are going to hangout on the deck, where you have the best views of the sea then I would recommend bringing a big coat with you too - however, if you are planing a night out then it's definitely somewhere you can take the opportunity to dress up.  

In Essex you can pretty much always dress up, but as The Boat Yard is a dinner venue, wearing your best dress and heels won't look out of place.  My final #GeorgePartyTip here would be to either wear a lower, wedge or chunky heel to old towns in the winter (and summer), as a lot of the streets are cobbled and no one wants to spoil their night or ruin their heels getting them stuck between the cobbles or twisting an ankle. 

But of course the most important Party Tip is to invite all of your favourite people.  So make sure whatever you do, you find your friends and a great place and have as much fun as you can!

Here's my current and favourite party outfit of the moment, it's great if you're trying to stick to a budget around Christmas too and save your pennies for extra turkey or presents...

I absolutely love these chunky heeled boots too, they add just the right amount of sparkle to your outfit and are perfect for the party season when you're in heels more often.

Do you have a favourite place or top tip for me?  I would love to hear it. 

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