Monday, 12 October 2015

Relaxing in Malta, The Blue Lagoon, Camino and Gozo Island

Last month I was chasing the sun again and this time, I found it in Malta.  I had the perfect excuse too, as my cousin was marrying his beautiful fiancĂ© there in Mdena in St Paul's Cathedral.  If you haven't been before, it is a stunning setting in one of the oldest parts of the country.

We were so worried that we were going to arrive in the wrong place that our Taxi dropped us to the Cathedral an hour early.  With the hour to spare we did a little exploring and had a quick beer before the ceremony.

Mdena is such a beautiful place, so peaceful too and lacking the usual tourist trail - but I think this might be more to do with the time of year.  As I couldn't imagine why everyone wouldn't want to explore this beautiful place.

Being in Malta for 5 days meant that we did have some time to explore other places though and being based in Sliema was perfect for us, especially as the view across the water to Valetta was absolutely perfect.

Taking a day to wonder around the Islands of Comino and Gozo was one of my favourite day trips - however, the Blue Lagoon was something of a tourist trap and it made me a little anxious being squashed - but I think I have been spoiled by the beauty of places like Thailand.

Here are my postcard pictures of our day trip though...

Isn't Malta beautiful? 

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  1. I absolutely LOVE Malta! I went to the Blue Lagoon last year and it was stunning. I didn't realize it gets as crowded as in your photos. Gozo looks lovely!