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The Body Coach 90 day SSS plan - review part two

**Disclosure - this may be a bit of a rant**

My first month on the body coach plan is now over and my results are in, or rather they're not.  After spending 30 days on the plan, I have sent off my results and I got my second plan back.  But with it came no evidence of a before and after photo or the change in my measurements or weight.

After emailing back to find out where this information was, I was told that I hadn't submitted it in the first place - so unfortunately they were unable to give me this information.  I also said (when submitting my results) that from my own track record, I don't believe that the plan has worked for me and that I have put on weight.  Something I had been concerned about two weeks into the plan and the reply I received, was "it is impossible to put on weight during this plan".  Not very helpful.

Since this initial contact with my coach, I decided that I would message the help form on the website and someone from the customer service team contacted me.  He was very apologetic about the initial response that I had from my coach and said he would send over my before and after picture.  When the email dropped in my inbox though, I only had one photo and I have to say I was horrified by the difference.

However, I did only receive the one picture.  Not the back front and side shots I had submitted...

I don't want to turn this post into something massively negative, so I am just going to list a few points of why I feel this meal plan hasn't worked for me:

1. The lack of support from the coaches (not Joe - but the assigned coach you have from the beginning)
2. The time it takes to make the meals.  Most were taking me over an hour, which is a long time when you arrive home from the gym at 8.15 and you really just want to have a shower and get in bed
3. The portions, they were too big and making me crave more food than normal - especially sugar
4. The fad diet and alcohol 'telling off' I had from the coaches (I tried herbalife for a week 2 years ago and I have one night out a month - which I have around 3 drinks at maximum)
5. The pack is very complicated to comprehend
6. No exact exercise methods are provided, just a loose frame work of how many reps, etc...
7. The plan isn't really designed for people with eating intolerance's or hormone imbalances 
8. My second plan was full of dairy, which I am intolerant to
9. There are little to no breakfast choices for people who don't have a strong constitution first thing in the morning
10. There are too many monetary/marketing partnerships in the mix which are influencing the plan too

At this stage, I am pretty unwilling to try month two with such bad results in cycle one.  Especially if you aren't supposed to be able to put any weight on.

This week I have gone back to my own plan, something that was working for me before the 90 day SSS plan and already feel a lot better.

Has anyone else felt like this on the plan?

I would say that I have stuck to the plan around 80% of the time and I rarely ever drink, so have only had around 2 gin and tonics since being on the plan.

When I started I weighed 10 stone 3lbs and my measurements were as follows...

Chest: 35 inches
Waist: 29 inches
Hips: 34 inches
Arms: 11 inches
Legs: 22 inches

But now my measurements and weight is...

Chest: 37 inches
Waist: 31 inches
Hips: 37 inches
Arms: 11 inches
Legs: 22 inches

Weight: 10 stone 10 lbs 

So I have gained (by my records)...

Chest: 2 inches
Waist: 2 inches
Hips: 3 inches
Arms: 0 inches
Legs: 0 inches

Weight: 7 lbs

As you can imagine this has knocked my confidence slightly and I am working hard to gain back that loss with my sessions at the gym.  So I am back on my diet of fish, lean turkey, sweet potatoes and yummy vegetables in my regular portion sizes.

Eating well is a lifestyle change and I believe that while you do need to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly you still have to have a slice of cake once in a while.


  1. Ive just read both of your posts on this. I am about to start this, but i have something nudging me thats telling me not too and i cant figure out whether to continue with it and try it or not. I have a nut allergy and ALL of my meals contain coconut, despite me telling them i can't eat anything with nuts in. Also i don't eat fish, but most of my meals are fish based. I am really skeptical to try it and almost scared and not wanting to, but I've just spent £80 on food, aswell as the £149 fee and £80 on supplements. Your review has put me of sooo much haha, that i don't even want to try now. I am terrified of gaining anymore weight and i don't have the time to gain it and try it for a month. There is so much prep its ridiculous and the supplements is just ridiculous, do you really need to take them? Anyway, your review has been somewhat helpful :) x

    1. Hi Zoe, I completely understand your unwillingness - have you spoken to your coach about the additives that are in your plan that you aren't allowed to eat? My plan only had one fish meal in it, so there are lots more options for you to try if you email your coach and ask for a new plan that suits your dietary needs. If you have bought your first month/week of food though - give it a try and see how you get on. I would definitely email your coach though and see what he or she says. Hope that helps, but if you wanted to chat any more my email address is xx

  2. Hi ~ I wanted to drop you a line to let you know you aren't the only one! I've thought for a long time to write an honest review of my experience of the plan but have never got around to it. It's a cookie-cutter plan that is inflexible and in my opinion doesn't create a healthy relationship with food. My plan was riddled with spelling mistakes, missing information and thus came across really unprofessional. Joe Wicks plays the PR game well, and with an increase in media exposure recently, he's all about his progress but is less interested in that of his clients.

    There are some great coaches out there. I've found one recently and made more progress with her in 4 weeks than 2 months with Joe. She listens to me and what my body responds to, offers great advice and has my best intentions at heart.

    Btw, i think you have a lovely figure. Be proud of it! I hope you've managed to get back to where you started now. Lx

    1. Hi Rosie, thank you for your comment and compliment! I am still working my way back to where I was before I started the plan and getting there slowly but surely. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience too, but it's comforting to know I wasn't the only one...

      I would be interested to hear more about your coach, she sounds fantastic! So glad you are making progress now, your coach sounds like a dream. I had a quick look to see if I could find an email for you, but if you get the chance I would love to chat some more. My email is xo

  3. So glad I found this review. I was sceptical about the plan but thought I'd sign up and give it a go. I'm unable to eat dairy and egg due to breastfeeding my daughter who's intolerant to both. I was initially told I couldn't do the plan as I'm still breastfeeding and was asked to get in touch when I stop in few weeks. Days later, after a refund, I received the plan! So a mistake was made on the administration side.

    I toyed with the idea of following the plan loosely anyway but, on closer inspection, egg is in every other recipe, and I've noticed so many errors in the messy content. It's sold as tailored, but it's not, I was just told to drop the egg from all the recipes and ignore the bit about supplements. That's like me sending a proposal to one of my clients and asking them to disregard half the pages. I wouldn't win that client!

    I really wanted to believe the plan but feel it shows a complete lack of professionalism. Results are definitely being achieved, and those doing the plan and religiously sticking to it are looking great, but I'm not convinced it's the right thing for me x

    1. I completely understand what you mean - especially when it comes to sending proposals to clients. I wouldn't dream of sending someone something that wasn't complete.

      Did you end up following the plan and what were your results like? xo

  4. So pleased I found this - my concern is exactly like the rest of you and I definitely can't afford to put any more weight on! It's also not cheap to do the plan, I'll be looking for something else to spend my money on... x

    1. Yes take a look around, there are lots of different options and I hear a lot of good things about Kayla's plan and the results that people are gaining from that. A lot of what you do to lose weight is revolved around food - so at the moment I am trying to focus on that and get back into a routine that I can manage alongside work and having a social life. I hope you find the right plan for you soon xo

  5. I thought I was the only one that felt this way. I really appreciate your review. I did the entire plan for 90 days and I have gained almost a stone, my coach was very unhelpful and it was pretty much a waste of my time. I am looking for another more helpful plan x

    1. Ahh Georgia, I am so sorry to hear that you gained weight too. Yes take a look online, there are lots of different things that you can do and try - let me know how you get on! Good luck xo

  6. This is a god sent! I am about to embark on Cycle 3, but already having doubts and don't wanna take the risk of adding any more weight on! I gained 3kgs in cycle 1 when everyone seems to be losing 6-7kgs!! In cycle 2, I gained 2kgs! I recently found out that people with PCOS should be staying away from dairy. Maybe all that cheese in C1 caused me to gain weight?? I don't know!! But it is a huge disappointment cos the plan asks you your medical conditions, BUT, does not take that into account when sending you your personalised plan. Also, I mentioned that I only eat chicken/fish but had beef recipes as well. Small matter.. But just goes to show that the plan is not personalised at all!!

    The only thing that irks me is that I now have to undo all the damage of the weight gain on this plan!! I have been eating sugar and crap stuff occassionally before the plan, and would not gain weight like this! So why now? Dairy? Too little exercise? Too much food? I don't know!! Just extremely frustrated at having to undo the damage of the weight gain! I can't risk gaining another kg cos I'll be tipping the scales at my heaviest before my entire fitness journey even started. I know the whole body recomposition and stuff, but for someone obese like me, every kg counts!! And you want the numbers dropping, not increasing!

    😭😭😭 Feeling so lost!!!

    1. Hi MK, I am so sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience. PCOS is a complete b*tch too. It effects so many things, but staying clear of dairy has definitely helped. I have also found that cutting out Beer and other foods that contain yeast and gluten helps, but they are harder to avoid, especially when you have already cut diary from your diet too.

      The fact that the plan is sold as personalised and then when the plan is sent to you, you get something completely unpersonalised, is my biggest pet hate. If I were to do this in my profession then the ASA would be pulling me up on it.

      The damage is very difficult to undo after you have put more weight on, but take a step back and use my fitness pal and go back to the gym and hit the classes. Once you are in a class you will find your motivation will return and you will get back to it fairly quickly :)

      I wish you lots of luck moving forward xx

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  8. Hi, thanks for this review and post. I'm currently on week two of cycle three and have been finding it tough. Cycle one did work for me not by huge out to like the people on his Instagram account but lost 1kg and an inch of my hips and waist. Not huge progress but I was happy with it. Whilst throughout the cycles I have ended up binge eating less and finding my sweet tooth is easier to handle over cycle two I had terrible bloat. My lower stomach is much more bloated and continues to be half way into cycle 3. I've also now put on inches or so on my legs, hips and arms. My coach has been really helpful and helped with keeping me motivated. After cycle two I was tempted to quit but was told the bloat would reduce. Now two weeks away from the end its not,my coach has told me to keep at it but I get the feeling that I'm following the sat Nav despite being able to see that I'm about to drive off a cliff. This had been so refreshing to read that it hadn't worked for others and that I'm not the only one. Im sorry that people have struggled on it and are having to undo so much but have really found this thread and comments helpful. I found cycle one worked for me so going to revert back to that. Although with a bit less meat and other sources of protein. I agree with others who don't feel like the plans are tailored enough. Thanks for your help with this post as its helped me to work out what I am doing now x Hannah

  9. I'm glad I found your review, I loved the facebook support group and without that I wouldn't have even tried. I've started cycle 1 twice and I felt like a slave to the kitchen and there are too many things missing from the plan, like how often you should eat certain meals and numerous other pertinent things left out but there was always space for plugging certain brands . The plan is very badly written and you're told in the support group to contact your coach or read the faqs for things that should be written in automatically. You are constantly second guessing everything because of all the information left out of the plan. There is no real guidance over exercise and in my opinion if we're only paying for a meal plan then it should be perfect for £150 a pop with no need to second guess, check faqs or ask your coach. The information the coaches provide contradict eachother and I don't believe it is tailored in the slightest. I also found the plan was making me have an unhealthy association with food, the portions were too large and made you feel sick, I refused to eat until I was sick unlike some people and the constant thinking about, planning and weighing and making food was impacting badly on my view of eating. I'm going to use the principals I've learned and do my own low carb eating plan where I don' have to weigh every courgette, tomato and onion I cook anad maybe I'll have more time to actually go out and exercise

  10. I've just done cycle 1 and I've lost 9.5 inches & 5.5 kgs. I've never cooked before (except beans on toast) but I found 5 or 6 meals that I could make and stuck to them. I weighed everything the 1st time then put the items in different tubs which I knew had the correct amount in. The onions, peppers, mushrooms, spinach & broccoli I used frozen so it was just a case of dipping the tub into the bags and then cook them. There are little tips & hacks on the community facebook page (which to me made everything so much easier) and there is always help on hand if you need it (post a question and you'll get a reply within the hour).

  11. Hi,

    I am also so happy that I found this review. Cycle 1 did work for me.. Cycle 2 was an absolute nightmare... after 2 weeks of doing the plan I felt that I had put weight on.. looking in the mirror also reflected this, so I broke the rules and did my measurements. To my horror I'd gained 2 inches across my waist and hips. I emailed my coach, and was told this was normal. I stupidly continued and at the end of the cycle I had gained more inches and numbers on the scales.. By this point I was very suspicious about how 'tailored' the body coach was.. so throughout the first 2 cycles I asked questions around swapping the the 110g of non fat full yogurt to 45g of normal fat yog (I should stress.. the plan did say I could have 45g of full fat sour cream, so to me it was a like for like swap).. I was told No, I then asked about swapping it gram for gram for cheese, again I was told no.. however on the Q&A on the website it does say you can swap cheese in as a dairy option.. I also questioned the fact that we are supposed to reduce the amount of sugar we are eating, however non fat yog is suggested... we all know that low fat goods are high in sugar.. strange.
    I then asked questions around the discrepancies in my given food weights compared to those given in the set recipes.. I again questioned whether the plan was tailored, as if so the ingredient weights wouldn't be so drastically different.. I was told another lie, the reason for the difference was due to macros that they were not allowed to tell me how to work out.
    The final nail in the coffin was when I emailed my coach to say that I had an accident and was unable to do any lower body work outs for 4 weeks (nasty stitches!), however the nurse did say that I could continue to do upper body exercises.. I emailed my coach explaining the above and asked for tailored exercises for me to do (at this point I'm in stage 3) she advised that I stop the plan completely as she wasn't trained to advise off plan, however asked if she could have my results as by her records I should have completed the 3rd cycle (I'd paused the cycle as I had a 2 week holiday).. again when I explained that I was still in fact on plan, and as such she should now be able to advise on exercises.. to put it shortly, she basically ignored that part and said I should come off plan until I am able to exercise properly... In other words, she had no idea.. and couldn't even suggest a seated bicep curl or seated shoulder press..
    In short, the plan is not tailored.. it's created for the masses regardless of the 'personalised questionnaire'... I have 2 friends, 1 male 5ft 10 of medium build, 1 female 5ft 7 of lean build who received the exact same plan as I did.. I am 5ft 2 with a good amount of weight to lose.. does not make sense.

  12. I really wish I had seen this before paying for the plan. Myself and my mum signed up at the same time and have both received the same plan despite me being 30 years old and breastfeeding and her being a 56 years old with a few health problems. I started the diet and had to stop after 2 days as my body went in to, what I can only describe as shock! I couldn't get out of bed, I was a shaking mess. The calorie intake is no way sustainable whilst breastfeeding. Having raised this issue with my "hero" I have been told yes it would be best to wait and restart it when I've finished feeding. That could be two years away. Brilliant. What a total waste of a lot of money

  13. I am really glad I read this review as I was just about to sign up! I cannot afford to throw away £150, nor gain anymore weight. I am going to stick with Fitter Food - check them out, they talk sense, are super helpful and better still charge a silly small amount a month for access to their website with all their plans etc etc.

  14. Hi,thank you so much for posting this. I agree with you 100%. I am just at the end of my first cycle and I have actually put inches on I'm so disappointed and aggravated that I have basically wasted money I could have put towards my wedding and done my own plan with my usual trainer.

    I wanted to properly learn about nutrition and I don't feel I've gained any information at all.

    Out of interest have you reached your goal and if so how did you get there?

  15. Great post as I have also encountered problems on the plan, I signed up last year, I did lose weight and inches successfully, but had too many cravings during cycle 3. Dropping off the carbs badly affected my sugar cravings, I was given an option to mix jelly and yogurt together to help with these but the carb drop played havoc with me and I gave up in the end.

    I agree that there were a lot of spelling mistakes and I was forever messaging for support as my plan didnt take into account the foods I didnt like.

    The food on the plan is very expensive because of the volume you eat, not everyone would eat 2 chicken breasts for dinner, it all adds up and my shopping bill went through the roof.

    A few months down the line, im only just getting over the havoc this plan played with my body, the low carb does not help with sustainable energy levels and after dropping the plan i gained 2 stone in weight.

    This plan also doesnt take into account everyones physical ability. If my HIIT level is less intense than someone else at a fitter level, why are we eating the same food?

    People are ignoring the problems with the plan because of the amazing results they are seeing, but some people have been in the plan longer than 90 days.

    They also would not allow me to go on maintenance until I finish cycle 3. So I have not idea what to do after 3 months especially as I had a few stone to lose.

    Well I hope this helped and good luck everybody finding a plan that fits your needs ☺

  16. My friend sent me this review after I'd hit rock bottom today ... I'm on C1:D23. Glad to see I'm not on my own. My first week I lost 6lb and then nothing in the second week and this week have managed to gain 7lb. I'd say I've stuck to the plan 85% accounting for a few meals I had planned out (where I picked protein options) - a paid meal of chicken skewers n salad - not a chip on sight - how depressing! ... but when I put into perspective that I didn't gain this much weight when I went to New York for 4 days and ate what the f I wanted I'm peed off! Nor did I gain this much during my 2 week wedding and minimoon (where I scoffed an ice cream everyday and ate chips!!!) The money for the plan, the money for the ingredients, the hrs wasted prepping like a boss (which I consider my second full time job) and to have no progress. As if I'm not going to weigh myself during the cycle...I wanna see those numbers going down - Christ there's approximately 2stone of fat to come off me which I doubt I've built the equivalent in muscle. I agree with some of the comments above, the plan isn't personalised other than the fact they calculate the weight portions for you which is done by an auto calculator. The questionnaire at the beginning is a waste of time. What relevance I ate the last 7days has anything to do with the plan is rubbish. My email I received with my plan replicated almost word for word what my friend got when she had joined the year before. Same. The coaches only get in touch if you question something otherwise I seeki support from other forums like Instagram.

    The plan obviously works for some but I think mostly males. I entered this open minded and also skeptical of those who said it didn't work, thinking they were cheating, or generally the 'excuse' type who will always want a quick fix...however 3 weeks n no change I think for me personally it is a waste and although I'll definitely continue to make some of the recipes, I wish I hadn't have bothered with the plan and just carried on from the book.

  17. OMG! I am so glad I found this page... I am middle of my cycle 3 and I have started to gain inches in my waist... each week 0.5inch more... I did stick to the whole plan diet, workout and everything
    The support hero is not really a help at all - the only suggestion is stick with the plan.

    I was so miserable on verge of getting depressed...snapping at my family... I'm glad I'm not crazy and this is not something I did wrong...

    Thank you :)

  18. I have just finished the first 30 days on the plan and must say I am impressed and would recommend the plan to anyone. I have lost 6lbs, 2 inches off my waist, 1 inch off my thighs and an inch off my hips.

    I must say that I would struggle to see how anyone would put weight on if the plan was being followed properly. Low carb consumption plus high intensity exercise 5 times a week will most definitely make you lose weight. I think it's all about pushing yourself when you're in the gym and making sure that you limit the cheat foods and as long as you do that then the weight should drop off. I haven't been following his meal portions to a T, I have been stopping eating when I feel full even if it means there is still half a chicken breast left.

    Personally I love the plan.

    1. While I am glad the plan has worked for you, I am sure you can see from the comments above, that there are a lot of people that this hasn't worked for and the above message could be even more disheartening.

      There are reasons why people haven't been able to lose weight on the program who have wholeheartedly stuck to every element of it and gone above and beyond, none of them their own fault though.

      This plan isn't for everyone and isn't bespoke either, which is why the entire premise is wrong because people are buying something that doesn't do 'what it says on the tin' so to speak.

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  20. What people are saying about the lack of tailoring is so true. I received my cycle one pack, joined a social media group and shared our plans - we were all on the same plan despite very obvious differences in our age, size, shape, fitness, goals - totally generic and relying on the fact that most of us are going it alone and not seeing each other's plans. The plan itself was carelessly put together and there was no tailored advice from any coach. Don't sell it as a tailored approach if it really isn't! I found it very restricting and time consuming and at the end of cycle one I couldn't see any real difference apart from tighter jeans so I gave up - it was a relief not to be fiddling around cooking and giving it all that headspace. £150 I wish I hadn't spent.

  21. Really interesting to read all the comments. I'm nearly finished C3 but I've pretty much fallen off the plan and getting really disheartened with the total lack of support from my "hero". On the plus side - I lost 10 pounds and about 15 inches in C1, loved it, body coach posted my picture on social media and I was on a total high. C2 went pear shaped in a big way...hated the carb loading, bloated, no energy, no weight loss, exercising took so long with the addition of weights, and I couldn't handle the pick and mix. So I reverted to C1 plan for the second half of the cycle. I lost about 6 pounds and 4 more inches. I submitted results and wrote a pretty critical review of the cycle and I got a massive and unsupportive "telling off" from my support hero for changing the plan. No praise this time...I'm due to finish C3 on Monday but I've not followed the plan at all..I was building so much muscle that my biceps won't fit into t shirts anymore and the exercise was too much weight focus for me. Not sure if I will actually bother to submit end results. I've had zero proactive contact from anyone at the plan for 7 weeks now. The responses I received to questions were clearly cut and paste from some kind of database they have access to, not personal to me. My plan recipes - they'd been charged changed but the ingredient ratios were completely messed up so they went badly wrong which was wasted money. I know he approach is not to worry about weight loss, but I have 3 stone to lose to get back to a reasonable bmi and I didn't find t helpful to be told not to worry about weight loss. Summary - c1 is great for weight loss with the cardio and low carb. I need to do this cycle about 6 times I think to "shift" the bulk of my excess weight. Then I may be ready to start to "shape" and try C2 approach to tone up. It's def given me focus and purpose and some new tools...was it worth £150, no. Is it misleading...yes, it's not personal and the support is non existent. I will cotinue to use some of the approach and flex to what works for me. Good luck everyone with whatever you chose to follow.

  22. This is very interesting to read and it's good to see a mix of different comments regarding whether Joe Wicks' plan is successful or not. I am a student so I was stumped by the hurdle that meant paying for the plan. £150 as a student could be spent on rent, food or things to help me get my degree, but I'm so interested to see how this plan would work for me. From the inspiration from Joe himself with his recipes and workouts, I have created my own sort of 90 days plan that I'm following. I don't want to find an alternative, I'm just so keen on trying out his plan but I simply cannot afford it, so all this is really in honour of his ability to get people lean. In my own plan, it goes off the same principle in that there's 3 Cycles. I called Cycle 1 "Burning The Fat" - where I'm doing Joe's HIIT sessions 5 times a week with two rest days. However, these HIIT sessions are 3 Cardio and 2 Resistance ones. The food is similar too, I have a carb-refuel meal after my workout and the other 2 meals are low carb. I also have two snacks such as his protein bars, Apple or a boiled Egg. I'm not measuring my ingredients at all, when it comes to the portion size, I base it on my workout. For example, if I've just done a HIIT session then I will have a good sized portion of carbs so that my body can refuel itself and burn the fat (this can be pancakes for breakfast, pasta for lunch or same for dinner), it just all depends on when you do your workouts. The other two meals, that will be low carb, will be reasonable portions that are enough for a meal whilst not making me hunt for food later on in the cupboards. Of course, on rest days all my meals will be low carb but more tastier food. I believe that if I stick to this, mixed with the HIIT sessions then I'll be burning the fat. Cycle 2 is what I call "Gaining The Muscle" where I will be doing Cardio HIIT sessions that also incorporate weight training. So I'll do 10 minutes of HIIT, then I'll do 10 sets of 10 Reps weight training with a 60 Second rest in between. I'll repeat this twice. The sessions are longer, I get my HIIT session and I get my weight training: win, win, winning! However, my food will change in this cycle as I'll be needing more food to grow muscle and keep my body refuelled. However, I'll be focussing on the protein side so that it hits my muscles, making them grow. I'll be having three carb meals but also incorporating high protein foods into them. This is probably the bulking cycle that nobody wants to admit! Cycle 3, finally, I call "Finding The Balance" which is a way of finding the right way to carry on after my 90 days ends so that I don't fall into bad habits. From what I believe, cycle 1 burnt the fat, cycle 2 built the muscle, now cycle 3 is about burning the fat that's hiding those lean muscles. I'll basically be doing the cycle 1 & 2 plan but combining them over a two week period, mixing up the sessions with Cardio to keep the fat burnt and the weight sessions to keep the muscle built. The food I will plan on doing for this cycle is to do 2 carb meals and 1 low carb meal. That way I have the carb refuel meal, a low carb to keep my food intake up and another carb meal to maintain my muscle growth. Cycle 3, despite being harder, is about finding a reasonable way of carrying on. Again, I am not a Joe Wicks, I am merely a student with a disability called cerebral palsy who can't afford his plan and struggles with his HIIT sessions (which on some exercises I've adapted to make it doable with my disability). I'm going to see how this works out for me. I'm planning to get people with disabilities to not feel left out and to find a way to exercise and maintain their fitness, having wanting to do it myself. Thanks for all your comments, really useful to me in order to decide about the plan or not. Best of luck with all your weight loss and fitness levels :)

  23. Really glad I found this as I thought I was some sort of hideous aberration! I've just finished Cycle 1 and, though I've not gained weight, I've also not lost a single pound and all my measurements are the same as when I started. I'd echo the worries about it not being tailored. I spent a long time filling in the initial form about medical issues to let them know that I'd had gastric surgery and the result of that is that I cannot eat starchy carbs (bread, pasta, rice, potatos) or sugars - if I do I get almost immediate onset vomiting, palpitations and the runs! So having done all that I was a bit surprised to receive a plan that took no account of what I'd said - all the carb refuel meals featured bread, pasta, rice or potatoes and a lot of the dairy options were low fat (which = higher sugar). I emailed my coach to point this out and was told that there was no record of me having filled in that medical information (so clearly the webform doesn't work too well because it was certainly submitted by me). I also mentioned about the portion sizes and the fact that, again due to surgery, I physically *cannot* eat that much in a sitting. I have found that I can manage half a portion of what the recipes say is for 1 person. I was pretty surprised when, instead of offering alternative recipes or methods, the coach came back saying that he didn't think I'd be able to do the plan as eating *everything* was essential and that I should see a GP. My GP has essentially said 'hogwash' and that different people have different calorific needs and that I absolutely shouldn't force down portions that are too big for me, or ingredients that are going to cause me digestive issues. He did say the exercise would be good to continue.

    So I'm about to enter Cycle 2. I think I've resigned myself to not seeing the results that are strewn across social media as I'm officially 'off plan' due to not being able to hack either the portion sizes or the starchy carbs - but I guess if, at the end, I'm a bit fitter and have gained a bit of strength that'll be a bonus.

    I guess my message is that all those amazing transformations on social media are not guaranteed. I strongly suspect that, perhaps, they mostly come from people who do no exercise at all before starting and perhaps have a pretty bad diet. If you go from no exercise/terrible diet to a health plan you'll often see dramatic results in the short term.