Thursday, 9 July 2015

Getting your heels ready for sling back shoes in the summer

These days I spend a lot of time in flat shoes power walking to work or trainers at the gym, so when I go out (as in out out) I like to put on one of my many pairs of beautiful heels.  I have always had a thing for sling backs and strappy shoes, however, all the running around and new gym regime has left my feet in a bit of a mess and aren’t something I am eager to get out and show off in a beautiful pair of heels.

I also have the beginnings of arthritis in the balls of my feet, so standing all night in heels can become very uncomfortable.  I have always used the party feet in my shoes though, which are an absolute good send, even now with the arthritis.  But the cracked heels are my main issue at the moment – not something that us girls ever want to see.

Scholl recently sent me their cream for cracked heels though, so I thought I would give it a go.

Here is my before picture in my beautiful new heels that I am dying to wear...

and here is my after…

Isn’t the difference amazing? 

Here is my step by step guide to getting your beautiful heels back:
  1. Soak feet in a bowl full of warm water (I sometimes add bubble bath or fabric softner)
  2. Dry your feet on a soft dry towel
  3. File away any excess dry skin
  4. Rub Scholl's Dry Skin Instant Recovery Cream into your feet
The only tip for using the cream that I have, is don't rub it into your legs as it can leave a talc like residue up your legs.
But definitely check out all their new products on their website where you will also be able to find lots of great ways to use their products for the maximum results.

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