Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Office wear in the summer

In the summer it is always really hard to dress for the office, especially when there are varying degrees of what is appropriate to wear from office to office.

If you work in the corporate world, then yes you probably will still have to wear a suit in the heat.  But if you work in a more casual environment this could be different.  Over my working lifetime, I have had experience in a number of different working environments - everything from a supermarket to a retail store, an office receptionist and creative agencies.  I have even worked in nightclubs and bars.

Each of these different places has a different idea of what is appropriate wear for work though.  Some of them are obvious, however, the one thing that I have found consistent across all places of work is the double standards between what men and women are allowed to wear.

With the weather in London due to hit around 38 degrees over the next few days, I know from experience that working in this heat is going to become pretty hellish and that commuting on the tube is only going to get more unpleasant. 

Today, I've worn my beautiful Zara skort to work with a pale blue short sleeved shirt and was able to walk comfortably to the station this morning without a jacket.  But when I got on the train I began to notice the difference in the female attire compared to the men's.

On arriving in the office the difference was considerably noticeable too.  A few of the girls looked like they were getting ready to go to a pool party, while others looked elegant and chic in their chiffon dresses, pretty shirts, skirts and shorts.  The guys on the other hand looked exactly the same as normal, jeans and varying different shirts and t-shirts with shoes.  They looked hot, bothered and uncomfortable.

So it got me to thinking, what are the rules when it comes to Summer dressing in a creative environment?

I mean, I'm not talking board shorts and flip flops here - but some tailored shorts and boat shoes with a collared top is fine, right?

I then thought about doing a project around what people think about general office wear for both men and women and what better place to start than on my blog?

So here are my top six outfits, three male and three female, to be worn in a more relaxed office environment...

What's your opinion though?  Leave me a comment below - I would love to hear from you...

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