Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Body Coach 90 Day SSS Plan Review and Top Ten Tips

Educating myself about weight loss is something I have been struggling with massively for most of my life, so at the beginning of this year I stopped trying to understand how to lose weight and starting looking into how to be healthy.

I now understand much more than I did 6 months ago and in the process I have lost 2 stone and 16 inches.  Which for me is a huge achievement.  However, about 3 months ago I reached a weight loss plateau, but was still continuing to lose inches. 

My six month progress before the plan

I kept going determined that at some point this would change, but it didn't and I was getting very demotivated.  I was putting in a lot of effort and seeing no results.

It was around this time that someone introduced me to The Body Coach.  So I started following Joe (The Body Coach) on Instagram and after seeing a lot of the transformations on his feed I was sold.  I signed up and a week ago I started my plan.

I started the plan after I had read through the whole 90 pages in cycle one and had mastered my HIIT workout a few times and the first three days were great.  I admit that I was struggling to eat the huge portions of food to start and I was extremely skeptical of all the supplements too.  But I persevered with the portion sizes and stopped taking the supplements.

My first day on the 90 Day SSS Plan

On Thursday I then had the worst migraine I have had since I was at University and it hit me from nowhere.  It was then that the plan fell down.  I hadn’t prepped my food and I could barely lift my head to drink water – so by the time I had woken up and was ready to eat, it was far too late to cook one of Joe’s fantastic meals from scratch.  During this period, I managed to eat a lot of things that I now regret – but when you are ill, you will do anything to feel better. 

At this point I was ready to go all out on Saturday and got myself in the gym early for a HIIT session (my third of the week), it all went well and then I got myself ready to go to the beach for the day.  I stuck to plan all day and did really well until succumbing to peer pressure and having an ice-cream.   This was bad of me on so many levels, as I am also lactose intolerant too – but you do still need to live your life and have fun at the same time.

Seconds is a really great app to help you with your HIIT training

I’m not advocating that anyone should cheat on the plan and eat Ice Cream at all though and of course this will have had some form of relapse on my plan, but this week I have been more determined than ever and I have even found an unofficial support group for the 90 Day SSS plan on Facebook.  The group is full of fantastic and inspirational people and I am so glad that they are there to help me through.  Especially when I feel like I have done something wrong, or I don't understand the plan. There is always someone there that has been through the same thing and overcome it to help.  Overcoming things is so important too, yes we are all going to have our pitfalls and vices that we can’t resist from time to time, but getting yourself back on track and not giving up is the main thing.

I even posted my pre-plan before and after picture along with 'my story' in the group and it has had over 100 likes and so many kind words of support.  How about this for motivation?

The idea was placed in the group by another lady that I have been talking to on Twitter and when she heard about my story, she asked me to share it in the group so that other people in a similar situation could relate and we could all support each other.  She was right too, it has been a huge support and it is great to know that I'm not the only one out there that is going through the same struggles with weight loss.

As a generation that was brought up on chicken nuggets, chips and beans you can tell I’m not the first person to be giving advice on what you should and shouldn't be eating.  But slowly and surely Joe’s plan is educating me in ways that you wouldn't expect and I feel so much healthier for it.  People are even commenting on it.  So it is clearly showing and I feel like I am now eating good food, in the right portions for the first time in my entire life.

Days out on the 90 Day SSS Plan

The weekend is when I have found it the hardest to stay on plan, especially when you have friends around you encouraging you to be naughty.  But if I am going out for dinner somewhere then I plan to do what I did last weekend and chose something on the menu as close to plan as I can find.
The chips and baguette are my friends lunch

After nearly two weeks on the plan, I feel like I am finally wrapping my head around it all now too and sometimes feel like I am still doing it all-wrong.  But I am determined to power through and see what the results are like.

 So here are my tips so far for any newbies out there starting the plan:
  1. Read, read and read your plan again before you start it
  2. Get yourself a diary that you can write everything down in and refer back to
  3. Keep this diary with you all the time 
  4. Write your measurements and take photos to keep in the diary as well
  5. Plan all of your meals out on a Sunday
  6. If you prefer to cook fresh (like me) just prep your veg and portions, it will make it a lot easier to cook later in the week
  7. Only buy half of your meat at the beginning of the week and save meals with tinned fish to the end of the week (they are easier to cook when you are feeling lazy)
  8. Cook a batch of stew or casserole first on a Sunday. You can then have some when everyone else is having Sunday lunch and freeze the other three portions for lunch or a lazy dinner on a week night
  9. Join the support group on Facebook
  10. Download a HIIT app to help you maintain your workouts 
I would love to hear more about your experiences though and what you do to stay on plan.  Especially you guys on C2, who I hear have more control over their food choices.  I would love to follow your meal inspiration on Instagram - so leave a comment or a link below so that I can find you guys!


  1. Hello,
    Congrats on your progress! You must feel such a sense of achievement! I started C1 last week but I’m having such a nightmare trying to plan my meals out. I think I’m struggling with breakfast the most as I don’t really know what works at the moment! If you have any tips please let me know  I seem to be spending loads of money on food but not a lot to show for it!

    1. Hi Sophie, I was feeling that way - however, I put on over a stone doing the body coaches plan because I hadn't been sent a plan that suited my needs (I was given a refund). You can check out my second review here: but I am back to healthy, clean eating and going to the gym now - as I felt like I had gone backwards rather than pushing forwards. Currently sitting at my desk with arms that feel like dead weights after last nights workout lol. I hope you have more success than I did on the plan :) xx

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