Sunday, 22 February 2015

London Fashion Week: Day Three

It's day three of London Fashion Week and all seems to have gone quiet on the western front.  I am guessing a lot of people may not be feeling 100% today after all the glamorous after parties last night.  However, those who did make it out to grace the streets of London this morning looked stunning.

As with the first two days, here are my top picks of the street style at Somerset house...


  1. That photo of Kate Moss is brilliant - I quite like the blurry-ness, like you say very candid!
    Love all your street style photos, you spotted some great outfits, Hope you had a wonderful time at LFW, looks like it!

    1. I was in total shock when I took that photo too Lucia and I think the shakiness is captured in the blur :)

      Did you manage to make your way down this year? xo

  2. Gorgeous simply gworgeous! Fab pics!!