Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Cream tea on Regents Street

A few weekends ago, I broke my new healthy eating regime for a cream tea with my lovely friend Elly and it was totally worth it!

We recently found a place called Sketch on Instagram and we loved the look of it so much we couldn't wait to go.  We had to book a few weeks in advance, but that wasn't a problem at all and in fact it gave us more time to get very excited about going.

The place was amazing and I am pretty sure that they were dishing out lego to all the little kids that had gone along for the ride with their parents.  Which in my mind makes it the most perfect location.

The tea and the scones were unlimited and the whole thing cost us a grand total of £10 each.  Which in all honesty was an absolute bargain, we were full after just one scone each too, but managed to squeeze another pot of tea in anyway...

After all the tea we had drank, a visit to the ladies was a must and I have to admit, this is one of the most fun parts of the restaurant....

I'm not going to tell you any more though, as discovering all that Sketch had to offer was one of the most fun parts of our afternoon there.

Here are some of the photos we got of our trip there...

The pictures here don't do Sketch enough justice, as they were taken on my iPhone (totally forgot my SLR).  So go along and check it our for yourself, don't forget to book first though - as it is becoming increasingly popular!

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