Thursday, 19 February 2015

12 hours in Brussels

Ever feel like you could do with a day to yourself to explore, read a book or just people watch?  Then Brussels is the place for you.  Especially if you live in London. 

With the Eurostar offers costing less than a ticket to Scotland it is the perfect place to get away for a day.  I picked Brussels as I hadn't been able to explore much the first time I went on a work trip, however, if Brussels isn't really your thing then there is always Paris and Paris is always a good idea (Audrey Hepburn said so).

I had a great time in Brussels though.  I would normally rush around like a mad thing to see as much as I can all at once, however, on this particular trip a giant thunderstorm had other ideas for me.  Here is how I spent my day in Brussels...

I made my way to Grand Place to start off with, this is a little bit like Dam Square if you have ever been to Amsterdam and has lots of beautiful buildings and places to eat too. 

After exploring Grand Place, this beautiful arcade then lead me to what I can only describe as chocolate heaven...

These chocolates were amazing and from the first ever chocolate shop in Brussels.  They originated from a time when children weren't allowed to be given anti-biotics, so a pharmacist decided to hide them in the chocolates and that's when liqueurs were born too.

The arcade is called Galerie de la Reine and there are lots of cute little places that you can visit while you are inside.  My top tip would be to grab yourself a hot chocolate and then have a little wonder not too far to the nearest Cathedral (St Michel and St Gudule) and have a look inside.

After all the walking and eating you will probably want to do some more eating.  I found a lovely spot in Grand Place next door to La Brouette, where I had some frites and croque monsieur.

I then decided to go on a bit of a wonder after lunch looking for the palace and a few other landmarks.  However, I ended up getting very lost instead and looking like a drowned rat in the middle of a thunderstorm.

So I found myself taking shelter in a beer museum.  Which if I am honest I wouldn't visit again as it was a little dull and the beer a little too strong for my tasting.  So instead I ran for shelter in a bar where I knew there would be a warm fire and plenty of tea.

Once I was all warmed up I sat reading my book for a while and treated myself to a fruit flavoured beer to finish my day before making my way to the airport.  If you ever feel like escaping for the day though, this is the place to do it and I would definitely make my way back to La Brouette again in the future.

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