Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My top Oscars outfits

With all the activity around London Fashion Week, I have almost forgotten about the fabulousness of the Oscars this Sunday (almost).

There has been a lot of talk around the above looks, because they are simply stunning.  Aside from these glorious gowns, here are my top four Ocsars outfits...

The modest peplum shape is a great way to help tuck in your waist and give you a more hourglass silhouette too.   The cut, colour and fabric of Jenifer Hudson's dress are an amazing combination.

While Gweneth Paltrow had her own mini Carrie moment (remember the white dress from the movie?).  The soft pink colour works perfectly with her skin tone and the simplicity of her hair and jewellery compliment the structure of her dress amazingly.

The fishtail shape skirt of dresses is also one of the top trends on the red carpet this season and the way the fabric falls so elegantly on both dresses above is superb.

These ladies definitely owned their red carpet moment.  What was your favourite moment at The Oscars this year?

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

London Fashion Week: Day five

It's day five and the last of London Fashion Week.  It has been a fantastic week of street style photography, celeb spotting and meeting the faces of the fashion world.

London Fashion week has been so much fun and I am so envious of everyone who got to see the amazing shows this February.  But I have had just as much fun spotting all the amazing street style over the capital this week.

It has been a pleasure meeting Mariko from Silk and Suits too, her style is flawless and she always looks stunning, but she is also such a lovely person too.  

There were a lot of people looking to take her photograph this morning outside The Tate Britain before the Michael van der Ham show and she very politely posed for each and every one. 

Here are some of my other top street style photographs from day 5 at London Fashion week...

There has been a definite mix between the styles that I have seen over the last few days, but coming out on top is definitely the new sports luxe look with tailored suits and trainers.  Other looks that I have loved is the faux fur jackets and wearing your coat just off your shoulders.  Khaki is also making a huge come back, alongside embellishment on all garments, from tops to skirts and jackets.

Here is a great video, that sums up London Fashion Weekend beautifully...

Tomorrow is pay day and I'm not so sure that this months wages won't be spent by the end of the week, however, I do know that I will have a more stylish month than the last!!

What looks have you loved this fashion week?  I'd love to hear what your favourites are too...

Don't forget to catch up on days one, two, three and four too!

Monday, 23 February 2015

London Fashion Week: Day four

Ok, so as far as weeks go London Fashion Week has to be one of my favourites.  The first, second and third days have been amazing, it goes without saying, but today has to have been the best day.

Today, I have stood right next to Kate Moss and Jordan Dunn, seen my favourite stylist and made it to the Burberry show.  Ok I might have only stood outside the Burberry show, but I was still there and that counts right?  Next year, I aim to be there watching the show from inside the tent though.

It took me a while to register, when a smart black car pulled up beside me, just who was sat inside it.  After a few dumbstruck seconds though, my brain actually registered that it was Kate Moss and I managed to get this small rather candid snap.  You will notice that a lot of my photos from today are more candid than the first few days, but if you had seen the crowds at the Burberry show, you will completely understand why.

Everything started off rather calm, which you can see from the photo below, however, this didn't last long.  As we stepped out of the park in Kensington Gardens (next to the palace), there were very vast amounts of paparazzi waiting to get the snap of the day.

From here on out, here are my top street style pictures from the Burberry show today in Kensington.

I was also surprised to see Kate Foley looking for her car after the show looking completely fabulous as always, in this stunning outfit.  


After all the action at the Burberry Prorsum show, it was a relief to make our way back to the relative calmness of Somerset house and take the rest of these street style pictures.