Saturday, 3 January 2015

This is not a new year's resolution

For years I have tried to lose weight and failed, I have a few blog posts to testify for me...   But this Christmas with some much needed time off of work, I decided I was going to get myself into a routine of healthy eating and join the gym.

So a week ago, the day after boxing day I joined the gym and started my healthy eating plan.  That was a week ago now and I can happily say that I have now lost 5lbs and 5 inches.

I am no expert in the art of losing weight, but I am an expert at failing - so guys and girls I am going to need your support.

In the mean-time, here are some tips on ways that I have stayed motivated in the last week:
  • Buying new trainers
  • Buying new gym kit
  • Getting a personal trainer
  • Pinterest meal ideas
  • Having some 'thinspiration'
  • Keeping a progress diary
  • Finding healthy snack options
I always buy Nike trainers, they always fit me perfectly and mine were looking a little tired.  It is always important to have good trainers too, as they have such a positive impact on your workout.

Fabletics are a great new company selling gym kits for women, they have some really cute details on all of the outfits too.

You can shop their looks here.

However, if you are on more of a budget then Primark and Sports Direct have some great picks in store at the moment too.  Here are some of my new investments...

I love the bottoms too, as they have the zip on the back for your iPod.  This is something I am always hunting for on my running bottoms, otherwise I feel like I am running with a brick in my pocket.

I am sure most of us have this problem, but when it comes to the gym I pretty much have no motivation, so I have found myself a personal trainer.  It also really helps that I found a gym that I feel comfortable in.

When it comes to eating the right things, I always manage to eat all the wrong things.  If I had to choose between a burger and a salad, it's always going to be a burger.  So I needed to find some alternatives to salad for this to work for me.  My Pinterest board is now full of things that I am trying or going to try out.

Keeping a food diary using apps like My Fitness pal has been a god send too, it has made me aware of what I am eating and how many calories that I am putting in my body.  You can also see what percentage of fat, carbs and proteins you are eating too.   I am also keeping a diary of my progress, which takes into account my weight and measurements.

I am also a self confessed Instagram addict, so I have started following some fitness and 'thinspiring' accounts on there too.

Here are my top 4...
  1.  Base Body Babes
  2. Steph Pacca
  3. Hannah Polites
  4. Diaz Dilya 
So if you're looking for some inspiration these are the people to follow.  I have also cut out my skinny mini picture to give me something to work towards, as your only competition should be yourself.

Monday will be the BIG test for me, as I am back at work and will be exhausted at the end of the day, but still want to make it into to the gym!

Wish me luck guys...

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