Thursday, 4 December 2014

Fashion or fun?

I have been globe trotting for 8 years this December and experimenting with fashion for a lot longer.  However, when travelling fashion seems to go 'out of the window' in favor of function.  On my first big around the world trip fashion consisted of strappy tops, denim shorts/skirt and a bikini all which I accessorized with a backpack. 

Since then, I have tried to add a flair of fashion into my travel wardrobe and even venture away from the safety of my pony tail...

Here are some of my top travel pictures from the last year

MCG Melbourne

Sydney to Hobart boat race on boxing day

Aldwych London

Lourve Paris

Eiffel Tower in Paris

Art Gallery in Barcelona

Lourve Paris

Hangover hotel Bangkok

Blue Mountains Australia

But mostly, I still love wearing my shorts and strappy tops...

Jungle Trekking

Elephant Sanctuary

I love fashion and everything that goes with it, however, in the last year I have had far more fun dressed down.


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