Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas at the Shard

London is always a magical place to be at Christmas, the best thing about the dark nights rolling in is the prettiness of the lights that twinkle so bright in the capital, especially if you are looking around the city from a high vantage point.

So when I had an invite to a dinner at the shard with George at Asda I couldn't say no.  It was such a beautiful evening, cold but very clear and when I stepped out of the lift at the 35th floor of the Shangri-la the view was breathtaking.

We were then shown our way through to the champagne reception which had (if possible) an even more amazing view.  I didn't think the event could get any better when we were taken through to the private dining room, which was beautifully decorated for Christmas, ready for our delicious dinner that was soon to commence.

Here is a short video and some pictures which capture the evening beautifully, alongside all the home decorations and presents that George so kindly gifted.

Of course, no Christmas dinner is complete without a Christmas jumper or two...

Thanks George! #GeorgeChristmas 



  1. Indeed! London is magical! Great event. Love the pictures, thanks for sharing!


  2. Looks beautiful :)