Sunday, 7 December 2014

100 things I learned from travelling

When travelling you learn a lot of new things.   For each person they will be different, mostly because when you are travelling you learn just as much about yourself as you do the countries that you visit.  But here is my 100 things I have learned while I have been travelling...

  1. Most of the time it's the people that make the place
  2. It's always important to wear the right thing
  3. Walking is the best way to explore new places, biking is just as good too

  4. You never get lost
  5. Something will always go wrong
  6. You will get Delhi belly in more places than India
  7. Lonely planet has nothing on other travellers
  8. Never leave home with a full backpack
  9. You will need more bikinis than underwear
  10. Travelling is scary
  11. Travelling alone is scarier
  12. Both are amazing, but being alone is liberating 
  13. Always send post cards and emails (post cards are better though)
  14. Learn about other cultures languages and traditions
  15. Travelling in Asia can make you feel like a millionaire

  16. Wear the right footwear (sandals are not for trekking)
  17. Remember how lucky you are
  18. Tick things off your own bucket list and not others
  19. Carrying toilet paper is always a good idea
  20. Snacks are always your best friend
  21. Never be without water
  22. Make friends all over the world, they'll become friends for life

  23. Sarongs become your best friend
  24. Drink the local beer
  25. Learn to love beer
  26. Always have travel insurance
  27. Never put yourself in danger
  28. Always make the best from a bad situation
  29. Some cultures believe that by taking a picture of them you are stealing a part of their soul
  30. Never forget to bring a pack of cards with you

  31. Make copies of your passport
  32. You will always sleep with your most valuable items under your pillow
  33. Try the street food
  34. Be selective which street food you try though
  35. Even if you don't like goon, you will drink it just to make a pillow when camping
  36. Only get on the back of a motorbike if you have to
  37. Always carry a mini first aid kit
  38. Free Wifi in Thailand will be easier to access in more places than London
  39.  Always print out your photos
  40. Always remember you are a guest in someone else's country, if you're on a small island in Fiji and they go to church on Sunday, then you go to church on Sunday even if you don't believe

  41. Always bring your sunglasses
  42. Don't have your photo taken with a Tiger in Thailand
  43. Never leave your flip flops outside a shop, you may never see them again - pick them up and bring them with you
  44. Bring an extension lead with you
  45. Watch the sun set in as many places as you can

  46. Watch the sun rise in as many places as you can (always great when you are jet lagged)
  47. Book your hotel/hostel as you go rather than in advance
  48. Don't try to fit 'everything' in
  49. Travellers and tourists are totally different 

  50. Being homesick is normal
  51. So is crying sometimes
  52. Don't just take photos, take the time to remember it instead
  53. Do something that scares the hell out of you

  54. Tell your parents what that crazy thing is after you've done it
  55. Keep in contact with your parents, they will always worry about you
  56. Don't get too attached to your clothes, they'll get ruined
  57. Don't forget to bring something nice to wear too you never know where you may be invited
  58. Tim Tams are the best thing ever invented, drink your tea through them

  59. Don't forget to explore what's on your doorstep
  60. Eat the cake, try the cheese and drink the wine
  61. Go home sometimes
  62. Live like the locals
  63. You never know someone until you have travelled with them
  64. Australia Day is one of the best 'holidays' ever
  65. Bondi Beach is overrated
  66. So is The Beach (you know the place where The Beach was filmed) but they are both a right of passage

  67. Long term travel is nothing like a holiday
  68. Coming home and still travelling is possible (I have seen 9 countries in the last 10 months)
  69. You won't agree or get along with everyone you meet
  70. At some point you will probably get injured
  71. Travelling isn't just about chasing the sun
  72. Winter holidays can be just as much fun
  73. Try new things
  74. Always eat the local cuisine 
  75. Tattoos might seem like a good travel souvenir, I'd always recommend skipping the real thing for henna tattoo instead and maybe some new jewellery?

  76. Read (buy a kindle and save room in your backpack)
  77. Get as many stamps in your passport as you can
  78. Travel gives you perspective
  79. There is more to life than money
  80. Waterproof bags are a must (especially in Aisa)
  81. You will get to a point when you feel too old for hostels
  82. You will still stay in them anyway because the pros outweigh the cons
  83. When people realise you are English and from London they think you're rich (I wished)
  84. Your photos will never be as good as the real thing (even if they still look awesome)
  85. You will meet the most random people on sleeper trains
  86. Beer is cheaper than water in some places
  87. Go star gazing (especially on Rottnest Island)
  88. Getting your laundry done in Thailand is the best thing ever, so cheap and delivered to your door
  89. Taxi drivers earn commission for taking you to their friends shops (it's not always a bad thing though, we found some great things in India this way)
  90. Taxi drivers can also be involved in cons
  91. Trekking in the jungle is hard and amazing

  92. If something is hard to accomplish it is so worth doing
  93. Learn to barter
  94. Try the countries traditional dress, but don't wear it all the time (you'll end up looking like an idiot)
  95. Get a driving license, you'll need it at times
  96. Road trips are amazing
  97. It's ok to eat Mc Donald's or Burger King sometimes  
  98. People will always question why you are travelling
  99. There will never be the 'right time' to travel
  100. Traveling is about having fun, smiling, making new friends and finding new places! 

Have I missed anything you would like to add? Did a few funny stories come to mind when you were reading this?  Add a comment below and share your travel stories too...

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