Saturday, 29 November 2014

Amsterdam in 24 hours

This year I set myself the ambitious challenge to see 12 countries in 12 months.  Along side this, I also wanted to make my first solo trip abroad and I won't lie, this idea terrified me!

Originally when I set myself this challenge, Amsterdam wasn't a city that was on my list.  However, a few 'cheap flight' vs. 'short flight time' searches and I discovered that I could make it to Amsterdam and back again in 24 hours, while still seeing lots of the city.  Perfect!

As you know this month I turned 27 (I know, old right?!), so my birthday treat to myself was this trip to Amsterdam solo (as well as my trip to Barcelona with my mum).

My mum was not best pleased with the announcement that I was going alone to the vice capital of Europe, but I promised to keep in touch regularly while I was there and make sure I checked into each new place I visited on Facebook and Instagram.  Which was a great way to keep track of where I had been and meant that a lot of my friends were giving me additional tips along the way.

Without further a-do here is my Top Ten for Amsterdam...

1. Dam Square

Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam at the top of Dam Sqaure

2. Food

There are lots of cute places to eat outside which are heated to keep it cosy

The Pancake Bakery is amazing you have to go

Van Dobben Croquette

Dutch Cheese

3. Koninklijk Paleis
Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam

4. Clogs

Because it's a Dutch tradition

5. Canals in Jordaan

Canals in Jordaan

Not too far from the Anne Frank House and en route to the Pancake Bakery

6. St Niclaaskerk 

St Niclaaskerk isn't too far from the red light district in Amsterdam

7. Central Station

Getting the train to and from the Airport is easy from here and the station is very central

8. Waag

It was originally a city gate and part of the walls of Amsterdam

9. De Bijenkorf for shopping

De Bijenkorf is like Harrods or Selfridges in Amsterdam. You can find it in Dam Square
10. Anne Frank House

Me outside the Anne Frank House

There are so many amazing things to do and see in Amsterdam, but the Anne Frank House was by far my favourite part of the trip.  I am a self confessed Art and History buff, especially when it comes to the first world war.  Walking around the annexe gave me chills and more than once filled my eyes with tears.  Of course, there was also the occasional whisper as we walked around about A Fault in our Stars too.

Since leaving Amsterdam I have also started reading The Diary of a Young Girl (or The Diary of Anne Frank), which I bought in the museum when I was there.

Here is my route that I took in Amsterdam  

Do you have any tips to add?  Or maybe some questions about Amsterdam? Join in the conversation below or through one of my social media channels...


  1. I loved Anne Frank's house. I went as a teenager and just remember feeling really humble.

    1. I know it really does, doesn't it. Makes you realise how lucky we are. I am reading her diary now too, so glad I bought it while I was there x