Wednesday, 15 October 2014

India, the people make the place

It's been nearly two years since I went to India with one of my best friends Siobhan and I have been reminiscing looking at old photos this evening.

Thinking back to this amazing journey has made me realise that I have never written about it on my blog and there are so many funny, amazing and brilliant stories to tell from this trip.  So many that I'm not sure I will fit them all into one blog post.

If I am honest, we spent a lot of our time looking at different temples and palace's.  Talking to people about the culture in India, their beliefs and the subject of arranged marriages.  I think both Siobhan and myself have a natural curiosity about the culture in India and we made friends with a lot of the people in the hotels that we were staying in, so we asked them what their opinions on the tradition was.

There was a mixed response and a rather romantic notion attached to everyone's opinion and I think there is definitely a generation gap when it comes to agreeing or disagreeing with the idea of your parents arranging your marriage.

We were rather luckily invited to a wedding while were were there too.  The wedding was an arranged marriage and of Muslim belief, which meant that the lady getting married wasn't in attendance to the actual celebration.

Here are some of the photos from that day...

How beautiful are the ladies dresses and sari's?  We loved them so much we both came home with more than one each... But they are so inexpensive and the three that I purchased only cost me £2 each.

We attended this wedding in Agra, where we were visiting on route to the Taj Mahal.  The Taj Mahal is the first wonder of the world I have ever seen and I was stupidly excited to go and see it for the day.

Here are our pictures from the day that we spent there...

Most of my photos on this trip were taken on an old SLR camera that I had from college.  Which is why they aren't the same high resolution images that you would normally see in my blog posts, however, I love the quality that it gave to the photos. 

When we uploaded the pictures to Facebook, Instagram, etc... on the day that the photos were taken, we had lots of comments about it looking as though we were actually sat in front of a painting.  Which looking back on now, this is exactly what it looks like.  However, I can promise you that we were there :)

Anyway, I realise I have been rambling for a long time now, so I will leave you here.  I plan to pop up and itinerary some time over the next week, along with some tips for India - so if you have any questions then just pop them below and I will incorporate them within my next post for you.

Thanks for reading :)

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