Monday, 11 August 2014

Top 15 holiday hacks

There are things that help out the every day traveller, however, when you are a backpacker, the essentials in life take on new priorities.  So I thought I would pull together my top tips for travelling.

1.  Give all your left over change to charity on your last day.  You can find donation pots at most airports, so once you are all done buying your last few meals, etc... pop the rest in the charity box and jump on your flight.

2. If you have a long stop over in an airport, then you might want to change up some money.  Alternatively see if they have any airport lounges that you can have a cat nap in, they are a lot comfier than the metal chairs you normally find dotted around the airport.

3. Send a postcard to yourself or a family member, so that when you get home you have something to look forward to.

4. Free wireless access at the airport.  This is something I haven't tried before, so you will have to let me know if it works or not.  But apparently if you add “?.jpg” at the end of a URL you will still be able to access the website. 

5. Grab yourself a multiple plug outlet.  You will be a hero in every hotel and airport around the world.

6. Love seeing popular places on your travels? Me too, but it is so annoying when you go to the beach or a famous monument and find that everyone else had the same idea as you.

Here is a tip that I picked up online to get around this...

7. Forgot your charger?  Pop to reception, they will no doubt have hundreds left from previous people who have stayed and forgot their own charger.

8. If you are anything like me while you are away, then your hair isn't a priority.  Therefore hair grips are a must.  I used to lose them all over the place until I got a handy container in Australia.  There is a cost effective way to get something similar though.  Grab yourself an empty tic tac bottle and pop all your grips in there.  Problem solved.

9. Need to pack some muddy boots quick? Grab a shower cap and wrap them around your shoes.  The elasticated bag will help keep them secure.

10. Organise your belongings for airport security.  There are a lot of places that will make you use their specific plastic bags at the airport now - but if you have your own then all you have to do, is either poor the contents from one bag to the other or leave it in the bag ready to go...

11. Scan all of your important documents and add them to a drop box, preferably one that you are happy for others to access too.  This will mean if you are unable to access them via the internet hopefully someone at the end of a phone will.

12. Roll your clothes, it helps save space and you have less creases.

13. Forgot your wall adapter? No problem, look for a TV in your room and you will probably have a USB port in the back that you can plug it into.  Normally you won't find a TV in your hostel room, but there is normally one in a communal area if you are desperate.

14. Waterproof your backpack.  If you have been to Asia, you will understand why this is important, if you haven't then you will understand when you get there.  Honestly, this may sound odd but if you don't your bag will most likely end up smelling of fish.

15. Keep a mini medicine kit with you at all times, chances are when you need it the most it will be at the bottom of your backpack.

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