Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Paddle boarding in the UK

So I have been Paddle boarding a few times now, but never in the UK.  The first time that I tried the trend I was in Australia and I loved every second of it.  Since then, I have had another try in Thailand and I was eagerly awaiting the warmer weather to make an appearance in England too.

Last week I booked my lesson and couldn't wait to make it down to the beach, after a few car troubles, my sister, my nephew and I all rocked up to the beach 15 minutes late and I was ready to start my lesson. Or so I thought.

My first paddle boarding experience was on an impromptu Sunday morning in Melbourne.  It include myself in a bikini, with a board and a paddle.  This time however, it was slightly different.

The weather was lovely this weekend and I had chosen to wear a swimming costume instead of a bikini because while the weather was warm, England is never going to be the tropics.  But the guy running the school, promptly told me to grab a wetsuit, some boots, a floatation device and a helmet.  I wasn't altogether amused...

I had brought along my camera, with the idea that my sister would snap a few pictures to put on the blog, but once I was fully kitted out, my sister declared "ahhh, don't you look pretty" to which my reply was "go put the camera back in the car please...".

The lesson was ok, but I think I would shop around a little more for another school if I wanted to go again in the future.

There were a few things amiss that weren't amazingly safe, so here are some tips of things you should be doing when you are on your board, that I previously learned in Australia.

1. When you are nealing down for so long, your legs and ankles can cramp up, if this happens just cross your legs, sit your bum on the board and carry on going.

2. Make sure you have your board strapped to your ankle, they move quickly.

3. If you are out on a windy day, you might want to keep a little lower than standing on your board, as your body will form a kite.

4. Make sure you have a paddle that is long enough for you.  Mine wasn't this weekend, so when I was standing the paddle barely made it to the water.

5. Try and paddle on flat water, waves don't help - especially if you are new and trying to stand up.

There are lots more tips on the web though, if you Google it, as I am no expert.  But definitely make sure you stay safe when you are out on the water, especially if you are in an open space rather than a lake or something similar.

After my lesson, I jumped out of the water and this little man totally stole the show...

You can even see the sexy outfits that we were wearing in the photo behind.

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