Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My top ten tips for finding the right bra

As someone who used to work for La Senza, I have fitted my fair share of bras and you wouldn't believe the amount of women who are wearing the wrong size.  When I first started working there and was asked to do a fitting, I found it to be pretty awkward.  But after a time you just don't think about it anymore and you really do change a lot of ladies lives by just getting the right fit.

We all come in different shapes and sizes, some boobs are big and some are little and some are uneven in size.  In actual fact, no one has equally proportioned breasts!

But I have some great stories from ladies who I fitted during my time there.  I had fitted bras on 80 year old ladies, on women who have had surgery, ladies with one breast a lot larger than the other, the differences between each women is completely different.

When you have the right bra, it gives you confidence, it gives you a cleavage and a lot of the time it gives you back a waist that you have been hiding under an ill fitting bra for years.

Over the last month I have been trying to lose some weight and I have managed to lose half a stone now.  But with this comes change (which is good) and one of the things that has changed for me is my cup size.  So bra shopping is going to be a must soon.

With this in mind, I thought I would share with the more self conscious among us, who may not want to go in for a bra fitting, what happens when you do.  If after this, you still don't want to go in for a fitting, then what you should be looking for when you try and buy yourself!

A Bra Fitting
  1. You pop into the changing room with the bras that you have selected for yourself and ask the lady there if she would mind helping you with a fitting.
  2. She will then ask you to pop into the changing room, pop your top off and leave your bra on.  If you are a little more self conscious about this part, then you can always keep a little cami top on to be measured.
  3. Once you have been measured, the assistant will ask you what size you are currently wearing and judge on the measurements she has just taken, what size you should be wearing.  
  4. If you have had a good guess and picked yourself up the right sizes, she will then step out of the changing room for you to fit them on.
  5. If not she will take the bras that you have selected and find those styles in the size she thinks you will need.  (There is a lot of trial and error in the form of fitting bras).
Once you are fitted in the bras, the assistant will then assess the following (this bit you can do yourself if you want to):
  1. You should always do your bra up on the last hook when you buy it (bras stretch so this will help it to last longer)
  2. You should be able to fit two fingers beneath your bra straps
  3. The bone of the bra should sit directly under and in the middle of your armpits and also sit flat in the middle of your breasts
  4. The seam of your bra should be flush with your skin
  5. You should be able to pull the back strap of your bra out 1-2 inches away from your body for comfort
Once you have accomplished this, you will have the perfect sized bra.  However, if this isn't the case and the cup fits but the back size doesn't, when you go up a back size, you need to go down a cup size.  This works the other way around too, if you go down a back size you need to go up a cup size. 

Hopefully this has helped, but if you have any other questions then just give me a shout!


  1. This is really helpful, thank you so much! I finally got over my embarrassment in La Senza about a year ago to find out that I'd been wearing the wrong bra size for a fair few years...It's worth getting measured for sure!

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

    1. Hi Tamsin, I know it is a pretty big deal getting the courage to let someone measure you - but it makes such a difference once you are in the right size :) xo

  2. Great tips! I definitely need to do a size fitting. The right bra is very important! lol


    1. It really makes all the difference! I need to go for a new fitting at the moment... xo

  3. I had a bra fitting a few years ago and found out I was wearing the completely wrong size! Fittings seem a bit weird, but I completely agree that they're a must do!

    Makeshift Munch

    1. They are strange, but just think of it as a bikini and sometimes that makes it a bit easier :) xo

  4. this is such a great post! thanks for the great tips!