Monday, 18 August 2014

A long weekend in Ireland

I'm fortunate enough to have family in Ireland, who live in one of the most beautiful places that you can imagine.

I have a huge family out there and now we are all getting older, they are beginning to start their own families too.  This weekend I met Oisin and Cormac, who are my 2nd cousins.  Cormac is the youngest of the two at only 3 years old, but after he discovered I had Thomas the Tank on my phone, he quickly became my new best friend.

Here are some pictures of our stroll along the beach on Sunday...

Cormac and I

Cormac sitting on the beach

Portacloy Beach, Mayo

View from Portacloy Beach in Mayo

Throwing stones into the river

Portacloy Beach, Mayo

Portacloy Pier
I am so pleased with how these photos came out, the day even though in August was pretty chilly, however, it was clear and we had our coats on.  We took our time throwing some stones over the edge into the river and then made our way up the other side of the beach and walked around to the pier.  We would have happily sat there for hours.

On warmer days in the summer, my family spend their days diving off the edge of the pier at high tide.  There is a lot of wildlife that comes into the bay, including dolphins and whales. As you can see too the beach looks more like Thailand than that you would expect of Ireland.  It is beautiful and as a child I spent many a day playing in the sea, in the rain.

Not long after these first few shots were taken though, the heavens opened and the rain came down pretty hard and fast.  Luckily though, Auntie Sarah was there to save the day and we all jumped in her car to do the 5 minute journey back to the house.

Portacloy isn't a huge tourist spot though, as you can see there are very few houses and no hotels around for miles.  So if you are planning a trip to see these beautiful sights then I would recommend booking a hotel in Belmullet.


Here's a quick family portrait, after my weekend in Ireland

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