Friday, 18 July 2014

Wedding Bells

Coming home from my first day back at work, after a three day sickness bug and I felt exhausted.  So I sat down to open my post, which generally consists of bills or junk, inviting me to clubs I used to visit when I was a teenager.

So when I opened a wedding invite, I was very excited to see who it was from.

The invite was from my friends Michael and Tim, who I have known for a long time now.  I used to work with Michael when I was a student and still a teen.  So seeing invites for weddings makes me feel like we are finally growing up!

I have sent my RSVP to them now, saying that I would love to attend their wedding and now I have the time to find a beautiful new dress for their Autumn wedding.  I have been looking to some of my favourite bloggers for inspiration and here are some of the looks that I have found and love...

This dress from Cara's blog A Fashion Love Affair
This skirt and ankle strap shoes from song of style
This long sleeved midi skater dress
I think it is safe to say I have found the shape of the dress that I would like.  I need to now find the dress and a jacket to match.  Not to mention the shoes and handbag to go with it...


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    1. Thanks Allison! I can't wait to find the perfect dress for the perfect wedding :) xo