Sunday, 27 July 2014

Throw Back Thursday

Each Thursday, I love looking back through photos and old memories on Facebook.  Most of them are from my time at Staffordshire University and so, as it has been three years this week since I graduated my #TBT had to be my graduation photo.

I also read a lovely blog post today about someone starting University this September and it made me think about all the things you forget you were worried and excited about before you start this new journey in life.

The blog post asked, "I think I’ve got everything . . . But, if you were packing for me, what’s the essential thing you’d put in my suitcase?" and here was my reply...

"Bring the entire contents of the medicine box! If you aren’t ill you will have a hell of a long hangover during freshers week! 

Bring some photos and posters too, they are a great way to make yourself feel at home in a strange place.
It’s not so much about what you bring to Uni with you though, you can buy all of that and more when you get there. In fact after 3 years you will be amazed by the amount you have managed to accumulate! Uni is about making memories and friends for life! 

My tips for uni would be:

1. Make friends with everyone in your halls
2. Snacks always help to bond with everyone (especially chocolate cake with tea)
3. Go to every event day or night during freshers week
4. If it’s free pick one up
5. Join a club or society!
6. Most importantly have lots of fun

Can you tell I am a tiny bit jealous? Good luck with your degree!"

But it got me thinking of my memories of University and my friends that I made there.  A lot of the memories that I have of University are a little bit hazy, but they are always funny and filled with laughter.  I am smiling away thinking about them right now.

When I started University, I was pretty quiet and had just finished a gap year.  I moved in with a friend from school who had been there for a year and began a foundation degree in Art and Design.  It was a bit of a compromise, I knew my family expected me to go to University, but I really didn't want to go.  So I chose a course that would only last a year and fell in love with the whole experience.  Half way through my first year, I applied to stay on at University and study Advertising and Brand Management and it was the best decision I made that year!

My first week of University

It took me another few years to pluck up the courage to join the netball team and I was gutted that I hadn't done it before then.  I had an amazing two years with the girls while I was at University and the fun didn't stop there.  The girls have been down to visit, some of them now live in London and we see each other often.  I have even been half way around the wold with two of my friends from netball and work with one of them too.  Friends for life.

Here are some photos of the fun we had during this time...

Staffordshire University Netball Club 2010

Pub Golf Netball Social during freshers week

Winning Varsity

Winning Committee of the Year
It is normal to be worried about University and I was too, but just go and enjoy - I promise it will be one of the most amazing things you ever do.  You will achieve so much more than a degree while you are there too.

Here's our University leavers song to leave you with, listen to the words as a fresher because as a graduate you will feel completely different about them.

This year, it's your dream.

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