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My top ten things to do in Australia

My love for Australia is well known and well documented throughout this blog and you can check out everything I have ever written about it here.  But there are some things in Australia that you just can't miss when you go there.  Here are some of my favourite things that you have to do when you visit though:

1. Blue mountains
But get there early or you will be swallowed up by the crowds.  There are lots of different day trips that you can take out there, but personally I would jump on the train from Central Station in Sydney and make your way to Katoomba.

The Eucalyptus leaves are what give the mountains the name, as the mist that comes off of them makes the atmosphere appear blue. On my two trips there, I have heard some pretty daft questions asked by tourists.

Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains

There are many great photo opportunities that you can get while you are there though, my favourite has to be at Katoomba falls.

Katoomba Falls

2. Climb Sydney Harbor Bridge

Well this is a no brainer really, it isn't cheap though - so make sure this is something that you really want to do before you do it.

3. The coastal walk
There is an amazing coastal walk that you can take and I would recommend starting your walk in Coogee Bay and walk all the way to Bondi.  Bring a camera, a huge bottle of water and wear a decent pair of shoes because although the walk isn't a trek, there are a lot of hills and steps.

Here are some of the beautiful pictures that I took on the way...

Bondi Beach

If you time your walk back right too, you will be welcomed back by the beautiful sight of the sun set.

4. Go Surfing or Paddle Boarding
I am a little frightened of the sea, it's an irrational fear that I have developed more and more as an adult.  It has hindered me more and more, especially as I have wanted to go diving or jump off of boats in places like Thailand.  I am slowly overcoming this fear and this Thursday will be making a trip to a diving school in Essex, as part of this.  Anyway, enough about that.  If you don't like or are afraid of the surf in Australia, then Paddle Boarding might be more your thing.  I tried it and loved it.

5. NYE
I have seen in the new year twice in Sydney now, making sure that I did it a different way each time.  Which you can read about here.  I can't say that I have a favourite way to do it, because in all honesty new year is about spending time with your friends and the people you love and each time that is exactly what I did.

6. MCG, Melbourne
We were dubious about doing this, but I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.  Melbourne is known for its sporting history and cricket is a part of its roots.  So going to Melbourne and not seeing the MCG would be a huge mistake.

MCG Melbourne

7. Byron Bay
Byron bay is really close to Nimbin and although I didn't get the chance to see it I wished I had gone.  Byron though has lots of charm in itself and when I visited back in 2007 it was very rural still.  Don't forget to walk to the lighthouse too, where you will be able to see the most eastern point in Australia and see the most beautiful lighthouse.

8. Noosa
I know I said that Byron was pretty rural, but there is pretty much a post office and a few small shops in Noosa, it is what I would imagine the Hamptons to be like in America too.  Very pretty, very rich and an amazing beach to boot.  The National park here was one of my favourite parts of this trip.

9. Australia Zoo
It's been 8 years since Steve Erwin died, yet Australia Zoo is still the heart and soul of the wildlife in Australia.  On my day here, I got to hold Kuala bears, feed elephants and watch the crocs being fed.  It was also the first time I had seen Kangaroos in Australia.

10. Fraser Island
This is the place where I had the most fun and fell in love with the great outdoors.  There are many people who I have met along all of my travels and each and every one of them will tell you that trekking and camping is not really my forte.  However, I take it on and give it all I've got.  I have also learned a lot over the years while trekking and camping under the stars.

Australia is an amazing place and if you are lucky enough to get the chance to visit, embrace every part of it.  Turn your phone off, leave your straighteners at home and throw yourself into every sport you can.

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