Tuesday, 15 July 2014

If you steal my sunshine

Happy St Swithun's Day everyone.  This is a post that I photographed a while ago ready for today, however, I am hoping that there won't be any rain today.

Today always reminds me of the book 'One Day', which still to this day, I can't work out if I like or not?!  It is however, one of those films that you should watch before you read the book.  If you haven't already read it, go out and buy it now.  Just make sure you read the ending of the book when you are on your own.

Not everything about the rain is bad though, it meant I got to use my beautiful Joules umbrella.



  1. God, I wish it would rain! I'm so much more adjusted to cool weather than this heatwave!

    Owl Girl

    1. I know what you mean,I feel like we need a good downpoor to clear the sticky heat! I love the sun though, I've been so disappointed to miss out on it the last few days, as I have been poorly! Looking forward to going home and having some dinner al fresco this evening! :) xo