Friday, 11 July 2014

Engagement Party, Wedding, Ascot, or BBQ.

When the Summer arrives there are always so many events to attend and it's awesome, except when you have the crisis of going somewhere new or not being quiet sure what the dress code is.  Then it can turn in to a huge nightmare.

I found this quote online the other day and I loved it because it is so true right now for me.

While I love that my friends sit in both camps right now, it means that a lot of the time I need to buy something new for each occasion (which if I am being completely honest, I would do even if it wasn't necessary).

But over the next month, with my challenge of buying no new clothes for a month, I am having to be a little more inventive with my outfit choices.  I have no shortage of clothes, in fact my wardrobes are bursting at the seams and I can't fit anymore into my chest of 6 drawers either.

Last month I had my lovely friends Mikey and Rob's engagement party (congrats again guys) and so I chose to wear another new maxi dress that I bought when I was on holiday in Australia.

But you could wear this dress to so many different occasions.  It just depends how you dress it up or down.

If you're off to a BBQ, then just add some flats and a denim jacket (similar here).  If you're making your way to Ascot, add a boucle jacket, a fascinator and a cute bag.  A Wedding some statement jewellery and a pale pink jacket.


  1. Accessories make a massive difference don't they! That's what I tell my husband when I buy another bag.....

    1. Exactly, good plan! Next pay day I am going to check out, they have some gorgeous jewelery! xox