Friday, 20 June 2014

A place called home. London

OK I'll admit it, I am guilty of moaning about the place that I live and dreaming of new shores, but London definitely has its benefits.

A lot of people hate the ancient traditions that we have in England, but I love them and am proud when I get to see them on days out.  Recently London has seen some amazing events pass through its city, The Olympics and The Queen's Jubilee being the two biggest.  I loved the feeling of excitement that was in London during this time and the 'Blitz spirit' that was adopted, so going to see Trooping the Colour at Horse Guards Parade this last weekend was amazing.

Lots of people go to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard, which happens every day in the court yard, so when we bumped into a lovely Canadian couple doing just that, who had stumbled upon Trooping of the colour by accident we convinced them to stay and watch the whole thing.

I can assure you, if you stay to watch this parade while you are on holiday in England you will not be disappointed.  The parade starts with the customary pageantry and tradition you would expect from the Royal's, the marching soldiers, the marching bands and then come the horses and finally the carriages carrying the Royal Family.

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate and Prince Harry were first in the procession this year, sharing their carriage with The Duchess of Cornwall Camilla.  Last to arrive was the Queen and Prince Phillip followed on horse's by Prince Charles, The Princess Royal and Prince William on the grey horse in the middle.

After watching everyone go in, we had a slow walk down The Mall to get as close as we could to Buckingham Palace, where we knew we would be able to see the possession along with the Royal family make it's way back.

Once you have sang the National Anthem, the barriers are taken down and everyone makes a quick dash to the front, so they are able to see the family make their entrance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Then comes my favourite part of the whole day.  The fly over takes place, which includes the Lancaster bomber, Chinook helicopters and by far my most favourite of them all, The Red Arrows.

Here are some of my best bits of the day...

Getting off to a good start

The Royal Family

Fly over at Buckingham Palace

St. James' Park SELFIE

St. James' Park

Large crowds

The Red Arrows

Have a good day and see it through to the end

My tips for the day:
- get there early
- watch the parade go into Horse Guards Parade
- run to get a good spot at the front of the palace
- sing the national anthem loud and proud
- go for a walk through St. James' Park
- go and explore Covent Garden afterwards

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