Monday, 12 May 2014

Planning a trip to Kefalonia

My challenge of 12 in 12 is in need of a new adventure and I have been looking at lots of different places recently.  However, I think I have found the one and I think this may be the trip I am going to be brave enough to take on my own.

I am planning on going to Kefalonia for 4 days in July and so far have my dates picked out.  Tomorrow I will be booking my time off of work and then it will be time to book my flights and accommodation.  But I have so many questions, which I am going to try and ask and answer here, so I can hopefully help someone else planning this trip too.

1. Where on the Island should I stay?
2. What on the Island should I see?
3. How much can I see in 4 days?
4. Will I need to hire a car?
5. Is there a traditional guest house that I can stay in near the sea?
6. What's the best way to get from the airport to my hotel?

I think that's it for now in terms of questions, so here is where my list of recommendations of things to see and do starts...

1. Ithaca (by boat?)

As you can see I am at the bare bones stage of this plan, so if anyone else has any ideas or suggestions please drop me a note below and I will add it to my 4 days in paradise. 

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