Saturday, 17 May 2014


I watch the news sometimes, but not often and when I do I am so angered at the way things are dealt with and how blasé some of the way the reports come across.

#BringBackOurGirls is something which is so important, yet so far nothing has happened in an attempt to rescue these poor girls.

There have been so many celebrities and politicians such as Cara Delevingne, Michelle Obama and even Bob Marley's family are supporting this, however, still the girls haven't been brought home.  What is it going to take to make someone stand up and say NO or would you like some help?

I am not saying that other countries should wade in with their size 10 feet and start a fresh war somewhere new, but couldn't they at least offer them some advice? Offer them some solutions or some support?

So what is it all about?

On April 15th, 230 School girls were kidnapped from the Chibok Government Secondary School by Boko Haram Terrorists in Nigeria. All 230 are still missing.

"The students are being held captive by the Islamic militant group Boko Haram in Nigeria. Boko Haram when translated to English means “western education is forbidden.”
The group has unleashed many violent attacks against innocent Nigerians. However, the kidnapping, its most recent atrocity, has propelled the international community into action."

The Facebook page is now encouraging people to organise their own rallies, in order to bring more awareness to this horrific situation.

Please help raise awareness of this issue, tweet this post, RT Cara Delevingne, Michelle Obama and Rita Marley's posts, go to a rally - do anything you want to, but please lets help make a difference and bring these girls back to their families.  Imagine if that was your sister, your auntie, your cousin, your child.

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