Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Time for a Staycation?

With my challenge of 12 in 12 on track, this bank holiday I decided to save my money and make the most of the British weather (notice I didn't say great there...).  The weather for a bank holiday was surprisingly good, with the odd bit of rain.

So on the Friday, my sister, my nephew and myself all set out for Kent to visit Leeds Castle for the day.

We got stuck in a little bit of traffic on the Dartford crossing, which resembled something more like a car park - but once over the bridge we had a clean run all the way there.

I would recommend booking your tickets before you go though, as the que is pretty big to pay and if you already have them then you can walk straight in.  If you don't manage to book first though, not to worry we only had around a 15 minute wait.

Once we had bought our tickets we were welcomed to the grounds by this beautiful Peacock, which although Teddie wasn't sure of him at fist, loved them by the end of the day.  You can even buy bird seed for £1 when you buy your tickets too.

At the entrance you have the choice to walk or wait for a small train, which is designed for children to jump on and take you to the castle.  We decided to walk up to the castle though and were really glad we did - as we had lots of fun exploring on the way.

Leeds Castle
Teddie watching the ducks
Teddie feeding the ducks with mummy
The Bird show
Watching the show on mummy's shoulders
Castle up close
The Maze
We found the middle

Having a break after running around lots
Overall I would say this is the perfect place for a family day out.  Lots of things to do and see to keep mummy, daddy, aunts, uncles and children amused. 

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