Friday, 14 March 2014

The Thai con...

After two weeks in Thailand I'm seriously debating changing the name of this blog to 'idiots abroad' and not in a Karl Pilkington kind of way...

Pilko is famous for his one liners and though it's true we've come out with some absolute corkers while we've been here, like: "the bananas are so small, do you think they stretch them to make them big?" (That one was Holly BTW), our underestimation of certain aspects of Thailand has won us this title. 

The first example of this can only be described as our smiling assassin. 

smiling assassin

This was our smiling assassin and this is how she con'd us:

The con

If you can't see in the picture above, basically what happens is:

- innocent passer by helps tourist by sending them to TAT a government organisation for tourists in Thailand. Or so you think... 
- they out you in a tuk tuk which you pay 20 BHT for (FYI if your tuk tuk is this cheap run a mile, there is something not right about it) 
- you get to their fake TAT business and are done out if your money 

If you have any questions about this little trick, drop me a line and I'll get back to you.

However, apart from this small hiccup we did book an amazing trip trekking in the jungle for two days where we got to go bamboo rafting, waterfall swimming and ride elephants. 

Love these guys

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