Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Phi phi islands

If you've ever been to Phi Phi, you'll know this place is a little bit cray.  So it's probably not a good idea if you arrive on the night of the half moon party, having had a total of around 9 hours sleep, after camping for two days in the jungle, attempting to sleep on a night bus and a boat - you'll probably end up falling asleep standing (yes that's exactly what I did).

I was so tired I had a mini melt down on the phone to my BFF at home....  This is a first for me when travelling.  I have never so much as cried once on a trip away, so this means only one thing - I was beyond tired.

The party however was rocking and I loved every minute of it that I was awake for. 

Half Moon Party in Phi Phi

Holly managed an all might rave though, after a few red bulls which are full of god knows what and arrived back at the room around 7am after sleeping on the wrong balcony all night.  

We don't understand the mo top either?!

The next day we booked an awesome snorkeling around the following places on a long tail boat:
- maya bay (phi phi lei)
- long beach (where we snorkeled with reef sharks)
- monkey island
- bamboo island 

Here are a few pics from our time in the Phi Phi Islands...

Monkey Island Stop

Little Lagoon we stopped in

Phi Phi Islands

Few silly photos on the boat in Phi Phi

Maya Bay - where The Beach was filmed

Holly on Monkey Island

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