Friday, 14 March 2014

Jungle is massive

So out first trip in a Thailand was via a night train to Chaing Mai, north of Bangkok.

Bangkok Train station

Which we felt pretty safe on, especially with these guys keeping an eye on us...

Train to Chaing Mai
The sleeper trains are pretty cosy and after a chat with out new American friends, we settled into our second class bunks and slept most if the night. 

[TIP: wear something warm on the train it gets pretty cold, even though blankets and pillows are provided]

Holly snapping while I'm napping
When we arrived in Chaing Mai we were picked up by the guys from our guest house and made to feel so at home.  They even warned us (all be it a little too late) about the Thai con (

For a trip in Chaing Mai to the jungle, including bamboo rafting and seeing the elephants, you should expect to pay somewhere in the region of 1500 BHT.

But more importantly you should have the time if your life. 

The trekking was hard, it was hot and I was being such a girl about it. But I loved every second. 

Here are some of my favourite parts of the trip and I can honestly say, if it wasn't for these guys, we wouldn't have had half the fun we did! 

Waterfall on jungle trek
Taking a few snaps of the waterfall, I would recommend packing a small camera for this - you don't want to carry any more than you need to. As you can see me and Holly has all the essentials packed... 

Camp fire

Team Trekkers

Holly and her furry friend

I've never really camped before, only once on Fraser Island and that was a long time ago now.  But sitting around the camp fire chatting about the day was awesome.  Holly made friends with a pup she named Betty and Betty ever so cutely slept on her lap all evening.

We even sang some nursery rhymes (yes you got it) around the camp fire. 

The guys helping me over a tree bridge

These guys helped so much on the treks, they helped us across lakes, saved me from bees and red ants, made sure I was ok every time I screamed like a girl and generally had great banter for the whole trip. 

Rope bridge

Except for when they were being boys and terrifying me on the rope bridge, bouncing it up and down (haha).  I ran for dear life over to the safety of Hols! 

We then waited around, giving the elephants a little bath and finally rounded up our trip having a small ride on the elephants.


Elephant riding

Elephant selfie

Loving the elephant #SELFIE, however I think Holly's SELFIE with the Thai nanna is the best! 

Thai Lady

When we arrived back from the trek, rotton, smelly and basically covered in mud we jumped straight in the shower of our hotel in Chaing Mai and had out first cuppa in what felt like weeks. 

Cup of English Tea Please...
 After this, we jumped back on another night bus to Bangkok, ready to catch a flight to Phuket and a boat to the Phi Phi islands. 

Off to Bangkok on the night bus

I'll fill you in on this adventure tomorrow! 


- book trips in the place you're staying 
- if you're a back packer on a budget, SK house 2 is a great place to stay, it's a great place even if you aren't a back packer. A family run business, with pick ups from the train station and everyone makes you feel so welcome.
- if you're travelling during low season just show up and you'll get a cheaper room than booking online.
- don't worry too much about air con rooms, we've found a fan is fine and you won't freeze in the middle of the night.
- if you're not a fan of trekking, I'd book an elephant sanctuary instead of a two day trip too.
- spend a morning looking around the temples in Chaing Mai, you can walk to them all.
- go to the night market. It's one if the best we've seen in Thailand with lots of cool trinkets and presents for people at home.

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