Tuesday, 25 March 2014

12 countries in 12 months

At the beginning if the year I set myself a challenge, which some people said I'd never do. This has only made me more determined to do it. 

What was the challenge? Well the title kind if gives it away, but you can read some more about it here

As I'm four months in now, I thought I'd give you all an update. So far the plan is going well and I've seen four countries in the last four months. 

My 4 countries so far

Here are the stamps to prove it and here are some of my favourite pictures from each of those places...





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  1. High-5! Of course it can be done! Kudos to you for ignoring any negativity. Usually it comes from people who are too scared to do stuff that's outside the norm.


  2. Thanks Lulu! I have just seen your message about the bucket rule too... In Thailand they are full of amphetamines, so it's best to stay clear as I was pretty ill after just a little bit of one of them xx