Wednesday, 22 January 2014

What can I bring on a flight with me?

It's a question everyone has to ask themselves now when they are packing to go on holiday and the answer is never an easy one.

While I completely understand that all of these regulations are in place to keep everyone on the flight safe, it is still the bane of my life when going to an airport and I can completely understand why some people find themselves getting annoyed when going through this part of their trip.

I try and always make sure I am as prepared as possible when going through passport security, however, this is the moment when my blonde hair truly comes into its own, because there will always be something in my bag that I have forgotten about.

Being little miss organised, I have a very 'sexy' transparent bag that came free with some sun cream I bought a few years ago that I transfer liquids to and from while at the airport or just leave in the bag itself - depending on the airport security.

On my last flight home, this bag broke.  However, recently when I was sent this lovely gift from Elizabeth's daughter - I was overjoyed to see it included the perfect little bag to store liquids in at airports and what I love even more is that it's so pretty (and colour co-ordinates with my bag and pillow).

When on flights, long or short, I find that the air conditioning really dries out my skin - so this miniature is great to bring with me along with the cleanser.  As much as I would love to lay back and relax with a face mask on, I think I may get a few funny looks on my flight - so this one will be going in my bigger back pack.

The best part of this pack is the hair band.  My hair is my 'thing', I really hate wearing it up - so to have this in the pack is awesome as it means I don't need to tie my hair up when putting on moisturizer.

Inside my little cosmetics bag, I normally also put in my toothbrush, toothpaste, mascara, bronzer and then any medicines (like sickness tablets and aspirin).

Other things that I also pack into my hand luggage include:

- toiletries
- phone
- ipod/ipad
- camera
- bottle of water
- adapters
- travel diary
- games
- passport
- travel documents
- change of clothes
- spare clothes (in case my backpack is lost)
- pillow

Have I missed anything out guys?

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