Sunday, 19 January 2014

The finer things in life

I have always liked the finer things in life, I think I get that from my Nan.  When I say the finer things in life, it's more of an appreciation of the beautiful things I find around me that you can tell someone has taken the time and care to make.

For me this can be anything from an intricately embroidered garment or a picture that my 1 year old nephew painted me at playschool.  Everything has its own sentimental value.

My most favourite thing in the world, in terms of material objects has to be the necklace my Grandad was supposed to give to my Nan on her birthday.  Sadly he was never given the opportunity to do as he intended though, because the day before my Nan's birthday he passed away.

Around ten years after this happened (when I was around 14years old), my Nan gave me the necklace and told me the story.  This particular necklace is a vintage locket, which inside has a picture of my Nan and Grandad on their wedding day - I'm not sure who put the pictures in there, but either way I think it was a lovely thing to do and since then my mum has replaced them for me with a new version of their wedding day.  

Since owning the necklace it has been with me to lots of special occasions, like my graduation, a day which I would have loved to share with them both.

You can just make out the locket here on my Graduation day
With my travels around the world, there are many things that I have kept over the years and sometimes take a peak at when I am feeling nostalgic - postcards, pictures, even stamps in my passport.  But there is one thing that I wear every day, which I bought on my trip to India over a year ago.  My thumb ring.  It's nothing fancy, just a small pearl offset in white gold - which I paid all of £2 for, but I love it.

My thumb ring and henna
India is probably one of the only places in the world that I have visited, that takes so much pride in its craftsmanship and the love and attention that goes into everything they do is amazing.  When I was there I literally couldn't stop buying things.

With my impending trip to Thailand coming up, I am now beginning to wonder what treasures I will find there too and if anything will become as engrained in my life as my ring has now.  I also think about how when I am old and wrinkly, what stories I will be telling grandchildren about my adventures and who I will be passing these treasures of mine onto.

There are many things that my Nan taught me and inspired me to do - probably her biggest influence was her stories of Australia, which made me pipe up around the age of 5 saying I was going to go there one day and climb 'the bridge'.

I am definitely going to be one of those old ladies that has a story about everything and hopefully one day I might have a grandaughter or grandson, that thinks my words are wise and takes off on their own adventure... who knows this blog could still be here in 50 years time when I am 76 and a much younger member of my family could be reading this (hello if you are, I hope I haven't sent you to sleep yet).

What stories and treasures do you have from loved ones or your adventures that you are proud of?

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  1. Lovely post. Some things don't have a price do they. I was really upset when a glass heart I bought in Murano got smashed to tiny pieces. I have a gorgeous ring from China that was my Grandma's, from the 1930's.

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Louisa! I would also have been devastated about the glass heart too, its always such a shame when something so precious to you breaks or goes missing. I can only imagine how beautiful your Grandma's ring must be too, have you ever been to China yourself?