Friday, 17 January 2014

St Kilda, Melbourne

So I finally made it to Melbourne, one of few places in Australia that I hadn't already seen.  We made the decision to go and see Melbourne, as the prices in Sydney over Christmas were so high that it was cheaper to pay for a flight and a hostel here, than it was to pay for just a hostel in Sydney.

We stayed in St Kilda, which is right on top of the beach in our first hostel of the trip - Base backpackers.  We knew that hostel life was going to be a bit of a shock after a few years away from them, but we were excited to meet everyone in our room and get back into the hostel way of life which we loved before.

Our flight was an evening one, so by the time we had landed, found a cab and checked into our hostel - we were walking into our room at around 10pm.  Early in the life of a backpacker right? Wrong - everyone in our room seemed to be a bit of a Gran or Grandad, so we dumped our backpacks and did what anyone just getting off of a flight would do... headed for the nearest bar and got two schooners of Gold.

The next morning everyone but two people in our room checked out, including the noisy Scottish bloke, who managed to rebound off all the walls and beds in the room when he came home drunk at 6am.  But hey... this is hostel life and its part and parcel of what you expect in an 8 bed dorm.

Our first day in Melbourne, was 40 degrees, which is very unusual for there - so we headed down to the beach early for breakfast in the Stokehouse (which my CEO had recommended before leaving) and watched the sun come up over the beach.

After breakfast, we went for a wonder along the rest of the sea front and found ourselves in a Paddle Boarding Lesson (SUP).  This is something I have been obsessed with trying for ages now, so I was very excited to get started and see what it was all about.

I absolutely loved ever second of the paddle boarding and wished that I could keep it up at home, however, the chill in London means that at the moment I am going out with two coats on at the moment.

After a rather busy morning, we made our way back to the main part of the beach, where we spent the day topping up our tans.

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