Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 it was great knowing you!

This year has been a great one, I have seen some amazing places with friends and family.  I am near to completing my 12 in 12 challenge with Brussels and Berlin booked for January and February and I am hoping to round that number off with a trip to the Bahamas via Canada.

Here is to hoping that your 2015 is as amazing as 2014!

Sydney, Australia in January 2014
Flying visit to China in January
Maya Bay, Thailand in March
Ascot, London July
Portacloy, Ireland August
Paris, France in September
Barcelona, Spain in November
Amsterdam, Holland in December

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Visiting Father Christmas

Today we went to see Father Christmas today and it was brilliant.  My nephew took a little conivincing at first, but Father Christmas was totally magical and brought him around with a high five and put a smile on his face.  Here are the photos of our trip to the 'North Pole' today.


See you on Christmas Eve St. Nick!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

A Family Weekend

This evening my nephew has come over to stay with Nanny and Grandad.  He has been so full of beans this evening, playing trains with Grandad, building Thomas puzzles and baking cookies with Auntie Lo (which is what he calls me).

All clean and cosy from his bath we set out to make some simple cookies for Nan, Grandad and Mummy when she picks Teddie up tomorrow morning.

The recipe is really simple (we didn't need the rolling pin or shape cutters - but Teddie insisted we needed them, soo....) all you need to do is add water and stir.  So it is great baking treat to do with an independent little man like Ted.

He pretty much did everything himself with a little help from Auntie Lo and he was so excited to see them bake in the oven. In fact he did sit outside and watch the oven like a TV for a while and at 5 minute intervals he shouted "Auntie Lo CAKES".

After a short 15 minutes we took our jigsaw of cookies out of the oven and let them cool down until they were ready to eat warm.

Teddie then got to bring them into Nanny and Grandad, play with his trains and promptly fall asleep with Grandad after all the tiring work.

Do you have any cool tips for mini men at Christmas time who like to do things for themselves?

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas is for eating

When you are little Christmas is all about the presents and seeing Father Christmas.  When you are a 'grown up' it's all about the food and I have certainly been making the most of the food this Christmas.

This time last year I was in Australia, so I had been on a permanent diet of healthy food with no carbs for a fair few months before I left.

At the moment I think I am averaging around 3 Christmas meals a week and with the addition of alcohol I am definitely going to be needing a new gym membership before the month is out...

Today I went to The Ivy's little sister in Covent Garden and it was beautiful, amazing and wonderful.  Can you tell I enjoyed it?

A few years ago I had the pleasure of being taken to the Ivy by my wonderful boss at the time and it was everything I had hoped it would be and more.  So today, I had pretty high expectations.

I highly recommend taking a trip to the The Ivy Market Grill though.  The food is amazing, the service is impeccable and the venue is stunning.

When we arrived we were seated on the corner of the bar while we had a cup of tea and waited for our table to become available, which was actually just behind us.

Once our table was available the waiter took our coats and transferred our tea to our new table seamlessly.  We then ordered lunch, steak, egg and chips for me and a steak sandwich with chips for Holly and the portions were immense.

Lunch was delicious and we definitely had our fill, so unfortunately dessert wasn't part of our trip today.  However, I plan to make another trip between Christmas and New Year for afternoon tea with my mum.

Have you been yet or are you planning to take a trip soon?  Let me know what you thought...

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas at the Shard

London is always a magical place to be at Christmas, the best thing about the dark nights rolling in is the prettiness of the lights that twinkle so bright in the capital, especially if you are looking around the city from a high vantage point.

So when I had an invite to a dinner at the shard with George at Asda I couldn't say no.  It was such a beautiful evening, cold but very clear and when I stepped out of the lift at the 35th floor of the Shangri-la the view was breathtaking.

We were then shown our way through to the champagne reception which had (if possible) an even more amazing view.  I didn't think the event could get any better when we were taken through to the private dining room, which was beautifully decorated for Christmas, ready for our delicious dinner that was soon to commence.

Here is a short video and some pictures which capture the evening beautifully, alongside all the home decorations and presents that George so kindly gifted.

Of course, no Christmas dinner is complete without a Christmas jumper or two...

Thanks George! #GeorgeChristmas