Monday, 4 November 2013

Halloween, Football and Gin...

So far, so good.  I have managed to find something new to do again this week.  I have done so well in fact I found two new things.

On Thursday night I frequented one of my favourite bars, called the London Cocktail club. There are a few different venues that have popped up over the years, but my favourite is the one along Shaftsbury Avenue and looks like a tattoo parlor.   There is one rule that you have to abide by when you drink in here though and that is: 'you are only allowed to try a cocktail once, and then you have to chose something different' - which as you can imagine gets you suitably hammered in less than an hour.

Here is one of my favourite pictures from the evening:

This was Thursday night for Halloween, as we don't normally dress like this on a night out.

My first new thing of the week though, was to visit a gin bar near Fleet Street.  If you are visiting, I would dress up a little and bear in mind that this isnt the kind of place you could have as a stop on a rowdy game of pub golf.  It's a pretty intimate place and I think most of the people who were drinking there were on a date.  However, I was there with my (sophisticated) friends and we sat in the corner enjoying the different types of Gin being brought over to us with a cheese board to nibble on throughout the night.  Who would have thought we (or I) could do something so civilized?

This is the only evidence that I have of being here though, as a group photo wasnt the kind of thing I felt that I could do here.  But if you go, on a serious note I would suggest asking for a fruity gin and seeing what you are brought over (and checking out the loos - they are pretty awesome).

My less civilized event this weekend, was to Upton Park, to watch West Ham play Aston Villa.  Now for those of you who know me, last year I lived with three guys that I know from my travels around the world, all of whom are avid West Ham fans and hold season tickets 'in the naughty corner' of the stadium.

This weekend Harry called me and said that I was coming with them, as Martin is slightly under the thumb at the moment.  This I found highly hilarious and said OK to the ticket.  I got on the train a a few stops down from West Ham and listened to what was in the beginning some friendly banter between some West Ham and Villa fans.  This soon started to become less than friendly the closer we were to the game - so I was glad when we arrived at Upton Park and I met Tom to get into the stadium.  

Now I am an Arsenal fan, so was told to keep quiet throughout the game and behave myself. Which of course I was going to, the thought of rumbling any West Ham fans at this point was a less than appealing prospect.

West Ham payed a pretty good game and held the ball for the majority of the game, however, Villa were the team that came closer to scoring.
The weekend was rounded off nicely with dinner and DVD's at Kayleigh and Edwina's with a stormy drive home to Essex.

I wonder what next weekend has in store for me? Any suggestions are welcome...

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