Sunday, 24 November 2013

Planning your next trip

So you know where you want to go, all you have to do now is:
  • Find some flights that suit your budget
  • Book your flights (when you have the money)
  • Sort out your Visa's
  • Map your journey
  • Research what there is to do in each of these places (Lonely Planet is always a great place to start), or if there are specific times you would be better off visiting these places (eg. Full moon Party)
  • Find recommended places to stay
  • Book all your hotels, hostels, beach bungalows, etc...
  • Book or plan how/when you will need to book your transport from place to place
I am currently going through this process now, so thought I would start documenting it all for you here...

Lists are my most favourite way to plan, so it's always back to the good old pen and paper.  I start by finding a rough route, then planning what kinds of things you can do there via some of my favourite bloggers like Pommie Travels or just by 'Googling' the places I have read about elsewhere.

Once I have filled this out, I look at all the activities on a map and pin the most realistic ones that I think I would be able to do on the trip.

Then when I have a rough date I look at when I need to be in each of these places and work my way out from there.  Not everything will be possible and I always try and leave myself room for things going wrong, or in case someone gives me a great tip of somewhere to visit along the way, that Google or my Lonely Planet hasn't already thrown up.

Now, I am off to bed - but here's something to think about tonight...

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