Tuesday, 29 October 2013

NFL in London 2013

I have a new mission, to find something new (if I can) to do every single week.  I made this decision this weekend, after trying something I had never done before and now for the next year I plan to keep the ball rolling...

At the moment this isn't going to be an easy feat, as I am on a mission to save for Australia in December, but the weekend just gone I went to my first ever NFL fan rally and game.  I even picked my team - which, as you are asking is now the Dallas Cowboys.

My first game was to see the San Francisco 49ers and the Jacksonville Jaguars and you can see my whole experience of the game on my Instagram feed (which I am slightly addicted to at the moment), but here are a few snap shots below too...

So this weekend coming up I am going to be taking a trip to one of London's latest new fads - The Gin Bar, somewhere I am sure I will enjoy reviewing.

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